Zodiac Animal Sign: Pig (猪)

Year: 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019

Compatible Zodiac Sign (s): Rabbit, Goat and Tiger

Ranking: 8/12

Pig Chinese Zodiac Sign Forecast for Year 2020

In year 2020, health will be the main specific aspect in life to take care. It is high time for you to engage in activites that improve well-being and self growth. Beside that, it is good to take ample rest and adopt a balanced healthy diet. 


Career Luck

In 2020, your poor health might be the main factor that will affect your emotion and motivation to work. It will directly impact your income/promotion opportunity as you feel restless to work hard and affect your work performance too.

At work, stay away from gossip and don’t be a busybody. This is to prevent any backstabbers to have a chance to harm you. Stay diligent and simply take a quiet approach at work.

Wealth Luck

Main income stream is stable with no major ups and down, so it is always good to spend within your means to have a good cashflow. Stay prudent in your financial management to save up for any unexpected medical expenditure.

If you are looking into investment, always do your own homework or seek reputable professionals for advice, instead of just listening to hearsay.


Romance Luck

For those who are single, your romance luck is weak, so you might want to prioritize your own well-being over relationship.

For married couple, this year might be a rough year but being more accommodating and understanding to each other is the key to avoid heated argument or even breakup. It is also good to re-ignite your love by going for romantic trips and spending quality time together.

Health Luck

With the presense of the illness star (病符), you need to pay extra attention to your health by putting more effect to adapt a healthy diet and it is time to exercise more regularly. Do not neglect your health even when you are overwhelmed with your workload. Remember to seek for medical consultation even if it is just a minor illness because it might lead to something bigger eventually.

Beside that, if your work require you to network and entertain, it is advisable to have restraint in drinking and smoking to prevent your health to deteriorate further.


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