Rooster Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign Forecast 2019

26 January 1933 – 13 February 1934
13 February 1945 – 1 February 1946
31 January 1957 – 17 February 1958
17 February 1969 – 5 February 1970
5 February 1981 – 24 January 1982
23 January 1993 – 9 February 1994
9 February 2005 – 28 January 2006
Compatible Zodiac – Dragon, Snake, Ox

Wealth Luck

This year’s fortune wealth luck and fortune is rather unfavorable. There will be many occurance of unexpected expenditure, so try to save up for the rainy days.

Be vigilant when investing and do not follow blindly or you will suffer financial losses, so conduct thorough analysis and due dilligence before embarking into it.

Career Luck

Challenges are indicated at work and you will be troubled by poor inter-relationship that hinder your career advancement.

You need to stay determined and positive to ensure that your work quality is not affected.

For business owners, it is not a good year to consider any venture partnership.


Romance Luck

Relationship between couples are stable but you might want to consider taking a trip overseas for holiday to re-sparkle the romance.

For those in long relationship, it is time to elevate the status and for single, it is a good year to find the ideal partner so start looking around by expanding your social circle.

Health Luck

The tension and stress at work will cause many health issues, and the long hours of work will make you more vulnerable to more illness. Therefore, do not give yourself too much pressure and try to spend some time on exercise.

Beside this, you need to relax and stop taking other people’s opinion too hard to avoid getting into a poor mental state. Enjoy yourself and stay positive.

This Rooster Chinese Zodiac 2019 forecast starts from February 5, 2019 and end in January 24, 2020.

If you have no time to read the full article, check out the rooster forecast video in less than 2 minutes.




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