Zodiac Animal Sign: Rooster (鸡)

Year: 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017

Compatible Zodiac Sign (s): Ox, Snake and Dragon

Ranking: 1/12

Rooster Chinese Zodiac Sign Forecast for Year 2020

You will enjoy a properous year with good fortune as many auspicious stars has gathered, boosting your good luck, so it is time to strive for a greater achievement and goals in 2020. 


Career Luck

You will achieve a breakthrough in your career and business this year with the posibilities of head hunted to a new company or industry commanding a higher position and salary package. Be sincere and humble towards other people to garner support and help when you need it.

For those in business, it is the opportune time to execute any plan for expansion or launching a new product. Business operations will be smooth sailing without much obstacles.

Wealth Luck

Wealth luck is shining and your main income is prosperous and promising with occasional windfall gains and other income sources. You will start to reap return profits from previous investment.

Manage your finance prudently, do not spend extravagently and always save for the rainy days as good times will not last forever.

In a nutshell, money will not be your top worry in 2020 as you will meet helpful people to lead you to riches, so remember to grab any opportunities along the way.


Romance Luck

Love luck is favorable in 2020, hence there is a higher chance of starting a new relationship for the singles.

For those who are in a steady relationship, it is the time to strengthen the ties and ring the wedding bell.

For married couple, there is a high probability of welcoming a new born into the family.

Health Luck

Health status is generally much better as compared to last year as there are less things for you to worry about in this favorable year. Do not take things for granted and remember to maintain a balanced lifestyle with healthy diet. Exercise more to sweat it out to generate more positive vibes.

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