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6 Must Know Feng Shui Tips For Shoe Cabinet

Shoe rack is one of the essential furniture in every home which we always see when we visit any home. It can be placed outside of the main door, inside of the home near the entrance, or footwear lined up near the main door, but foot wear is an essential part of our life style, so you must be careful to take care of the Feng shui do’s and don’ts for storing foot wear and placement of shoe rack that are connected with wealth and good luck with effect to main door feng shui.

Here are some of the the general rules concerning shoe rack Feng Shui.

6 Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts For Shoe Cabinet in a Home

a. Ideal height

Based on the ancient Three Life Forces Theory, the height of the house is divided into three equal sections: top is Heaven , middle Man, and bottom Earth. Shoes that have been worn contain a lot of dirt. A shoe rack containing old, dirty shoes belongs to the Earth section. Its height should not exceed one-third of the house’s height.

Traditional feng shui masters believed that if the shoe rack reaches the middle section “Man”, the health of the household will be affected. If your existing shoe rack happens to be at the middle section “Man”, the remedy is by putting only brand new shoes on the top section and old shoes at the bottom.

b. Type and number of tiers

It is highly recommend to choose an enclosed shoe rack over the open-typed shoe rack because it keeps shoes hidden from view and is also able to contain any smell from the shoes. The cabinet can trap the bad energy when it is closed. But do take note that there must be opening or vents for sufficient ventilation too.

The preferred number of tiers is five which represent the Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire & Earth) in the aspect of Feng Shui. The number of tiers can be less than five but not more than that. This is also a good guideline or gauge to determine the ideal height.

c. Good to have closed shelf design

It is recommended to get a closed shelf type of shoe cabinet, instead of an opened one.


shoe cabint feng shui tips

d. Do not place shoe rack in bedroom

Due to the sake of convenience, some ladies choose to place their shoe rack in their bedroom which is not desirable. The negative energy field of the shoes has a significant impact on bedroom feng shui and it might be as serious as affecting the marriage, so please remove the shoe rack immediately.

e. Positioning of shoes

Stinky and dirty shoes should be placed right at the bottom of the shoe rack. The shoe front should face inwards, to avoid having the bad qi directing at you whenever you open the enclosed shoe rack. This is especially so in the case of shoes with pointed toe box, which symbolize the Fire Element. It is said that having such shoes pointing at you for a prolonged period will result in ill health. Some shoe racks have slanting shelves. Always put the shoe front facing upwards. When placed facing downwards, it signifies the decline of one’s luck.

f. Always keep it Clean and Tidy

You should always keep your shoes rack clean and tidy, clean your shoes periodically to remove the stink and also get rid of old shoes that you did not used for a long time.

Regardless how much you feng shui your home, your main door and use as many feng shui cures for wealth and good luck, paying some attention to your shoe rack and your footwear will give you some feng shui results in the form of good health, good luck and wealth too.




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