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Singing Bowl For Mediation, Feng Shui and Cleansing

Singing bowls, also sometimes known as Tibetan singing bowls has been commonly used in the Eastern part of the world for thousand years. But in the past decades, it has been trending among the western continents to use it for mediation, Chakra healing, space cleansing and even Feng Shui.

How to use Singing Bowl in Feng Shui?

The Feng Shui use of these singing bowls is almost similiar as the use of the bells. It can also be used as a Feng Shui cure too.

1. If you are applying the 8 mansion Feng Shui in your house, you can use this ornament in the ba gua area that will benefit from the metal element.

2. If you feel that your house is filled with stagnant and negative energy, you can use the singing bowl to improve the qi in the space.

3. The brass-made singing bowl is regarded as an effective cure for mitigating the annual feng shui flying stars of number 2 and 5. The Metal element weakens the Earth in the cycle of 5 feng shui elements. Thus it can help to minimise the negative effect of the illness and misfortune star in the affected sectors of the house.


Tibetan singing bowl

How to use Singing Bowl for cleansing?

It can be used to cleanse crystals regularly to recharge its healing energy. It also remove any absorbed negative energy vibes from the external environment or even from yourself.

Beside that, the sound produced upon striking at the bowl can create a grounding energy. This energy can be used to cleanse a space with stuck or unwanted energy. When the negative energy is cleared, fresh new positive qi will flow through the house again.

How is Singing Bowl beneficial for our well being?

1. It can help in reducing stress and anxiety

2. It is believed that the sound produced by the singing bowl can create a frequency which travel from one chakra to another that can do self balancing.

3. It can aid in mental and emotional health (for example, anger, fear, depression and more) by the vibration of the gong sound.

4. It gain popularity in the use in mediation because it can helps one to get into deep relaxation. You can achieve this state by holding the bowl and mullet in your hands and move the mullet around the edge in a clockwise direction. The harmonising sound from the vibrating bowl will make you feel more relaxed.




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