Snake Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign Forecast For 2019

27 January 1941 – 14 February 1942
14 February 1953 – 2 February 1954
2 February 1965 – 20 January 1966
18 February 1977 – 6 February 1978
6 February 1989 – 26 January 1990
24 January 2001 – 11 February 2002
10 February 2013 –30 January 2014
Compatible Zodiac – Rooster, Monkey, Ox

Wealth Luck

Under the negative impact of the Wealth Loss Star “Da Hao”, the wealth outlook and fortune does not look bright and you tend to suffer financial losses with unexpected expenses.

Snakes should learn to control their wasteful spending habits and adopt a conservative attitude in financial management. Do not jump into any investments rashly or they might cost you a fortune.

Career Luck

Your career luck is moderate in 2019, so keep low profile and just do your job. Do not gossip behind people’s back or you might get into trouble with vile characters. 

You will face multiple difficulties in your work progress, but remember to garner the support of others in order to achieve good results in a team.


Romance Luck

Those who are in a relationship or married might experience instability this year. You tend to have quarrels and disagreements over the trivial matters which may result in jeopardy to relationships. You have to put in more effort to maintain the relationship and open communication is essential.

Practice endurance and understanding to avoid further cracks in the relationship.

Health Luck

In this year of conflict with Tai Sui, pay extra attention to your health as you might get easily sick and take a longer time to recover. Always be vigilant and alert on the road to avoid any accidents. In addition, avoid visiting a patient in the hospital or attending a funeral, otherwise your health luck will get even worse.

Participate in more recreational activities and celebrations to improve your health luck.

Stay safe and be aware of your surrounding when you are travelling overseas for either leisure or business.

This Snake Zodiac Animal Sign forecast starts from February 5, 2019 and end in January 24, 2020.

If you have no time to read the full article, check out the snake forecast video in less than 2 minutes.




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