Zodiac Animal Sign: Snake (蛇)

Year: 193, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013

Compatible Zodiac Sign (s): Ox, Monkey and Rooster

Ranking: 6/12

Snake Chinese Zodiac Sign Forecast for Year 2020

As compared to 2019, this year 2020 is considered being a better and stable year for the snakes in all aspects of life.


Career Luck

The star of the benefactor (月徳) is shining on you in 2020 and it shows that there will be helpful people to aid in elevating your career. Besides that, you will enjoy a good relationship with your peers and superior, so be kind and helpful towards them.

This is a good year for those in business or in sales position, so make good use of the good relationship to clinch more deals. For those who are planning to expand their business and network overseas, go ahead for it but always remember to conduct background check so that you do not end up trusting the wrong person.

Wealth Luck

Main income is stable but under the influence of the 小耗 star, you might get indulged in impulse spending, so you need to be very prudent in managing your finance. If you are spending beyond your means, it will only lead to a financial crisis.

Avoid lending money to friends and do not be a guarantor regarding monetary matters.

Be vigilant against scam and frauds or else you will suffer financial loss.


Romance Luck

Under the influence of the 月徳 star, there will be many social networking activities in place for you. For those who are already in a relationship or married, a third party might affect your relationship because of the temptation surrounding you. The only solution is to resist your temptation, nurture and grow your existing love relationship, do not flirt around.

Although you might be tired from workload or stress, do not neglect your loved ones. Spend more time and bond with them whenever you are available.

For those who are single and unattached, there may not be much progress in romance luck and do not rush into a relationship because it might not turn out to be a good outcome.

Health Luck

Health is good and not much serious problem, but watch your lifestyle and diet to maintain sound health.

Due to frequent networking activities, it is best to drink and smoke in moderation.

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