Sofa Color Selection for Good Feng Shui

Sofa is the main furniture in our living hall that we used it to rest, chat with family and to receive visitors, so beside taking care of the Sofa Feng Shui do’s and don’ts , we should also need to consider the compatible color for the sofa based on the different direction of the house main door.

Sofa Color Selection for Good Feng Shui

Main Door PositionSuitable Sofa ColorUnsuitable Sofa Color
EastGreen, Red, BlackWhite
SouthGreen, Red, YellowBlack
WestBlack, White, CoffeeRed
NorthBlack, White, GreenYellow
NorthEast / SouthEast / NorthWest / SouthWestRed, White, CoffeeGreen

Note: Do not worry if your current sofa has the unsuitable color, you can just change the sofa cover, instead of changing the whole set.




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