Staircase Feng Shui Tips and Why It Should Not be Ignored

Beside the 3 most essential areas of our house (the main door – 门, the bedroom – 主 and the kitchen – 灶) , the staircase does play a significant role in Home Feng Shui since it is the medium to move energy flow to the different levels of your house, so let’s look into some Dos and donts

Staircase Feng Shui Rules Do’s and Don’ts

1. Solid and sturdy material like wood, metal or concrete should be used for making stairs.

2. The staircase should be brightly lit (this is also for safety purpose)

3. Avoid having staircase facing directly towards the main door because it will divert all the energy flow towards the other levels of the house which in term deprive the main floor of the house of its chi.

As a remedy, you can considered placing nice plants on the sides that will help to minimize the chi that is flowing away from the main level. Alternatively, you can consider placing a divider screen or partition to block the view of stairs directly facing the main door.

4. Do not have any staircase at the center of a home because it symbolise a heavy burden at the heart so it is considered a bad feng shui. It is best to be located at the side of the house.

Does Spiral staircase look like a corkscrew drilling down?

5. Avoid having a spiral staircase, because wherever is it positioned, it is being visualised like a corkscrew drilling down and it will negatively impact the person/health the sector belongs too, for example, if it is positioned in the Northwest, it will affect the Father of the family and so on.

6. It is not advisable to have the door of an upstairs room directly in line with the top or bottom of the stairs

7. Avoid having mirror facing the stairs at the top or bottom

8. Do not position your kitchen, bedroom, dining room or bathroom under the staircase.

9. Do not have your stairs carpeted with red as it is believed to bring bad luck and misfortune.

10. Avoid placing any water features or god altar below your staircase. This situation can build negative energy and have impact on the health, wealth and relationships of the household.

11. Shape does matter – A better choice of staircase is the gentle curved shape type that can helps to promote the energy flowing up to the higher level of the house gradually, instead of gushing in.

12. Make sure that the staircase should be wide enough and have enough space for at least 2 people to pass each other easily. Have you ever encountered those stairs that are so cramped that you are squeezed to the corner when travelling up? That give you a sense of safety and also feel uncomfortable.

13. In the modern home design, the railing is purposely omitted but don’t you agreed that railings give you a sense of security and safety when climbing up and down stairs? So in staircase Feng Shui, it is a better choice with the railing installed.

14. According to some feng shui practice, the number of stairs on a staircase should be an odd number.




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