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8 Feng Shui Kitchen Taboo to Avoid

In the previous posts in Feng Shui taboos in Bedroom and Dining Hall, today we will cover on the next important part of the home – Kitchen Feng Shui.

1. Kitchen door must not be facing directly to the house main door (穿堂煞) – Based on 《阳宅三要》- “开门见灶,钱财多耗”, if you have this type of configuration, it will affect the health of the lady master of the house and also cause monetary loss. If you meet with this pattern, the only way is to change the position of the door opening.

2. Kitchen door must not face bedroom door too – The smoke will make the one living in the room dizzy and easily agitated and cranky.

3. Kitchen door must not face toilet door – Kitchen is the source of the family food, so must be prosperous so must avoid toilet that is a place of filth. In additional, kitchen represent fire element while toilet is water element, so it clashes and caused inharmony in the family.

4. The stove in the kitchen must not be directly facing the refrigerator –  Fridge represent your wealth sector and it should be avoided to use fire to attack it. This might also cause health issue in the family members.

5 .Do not have 2 stoves in the kitchen – The kitchen or the stove in the house represent the wife. Beside keeping it clean and free of clutter, you must also take care not to have more than one stove because it implies that the husband has more than one wife or an affair!



6. Do not have beam above your stove – if you have this situation, you will tend to have illness concerning your upper body, for example migraine, headache  and stiff neck due to the suppressing effect of the beam over the stove.

7. Do not have windows between your hoods and your stove – It will lead to loss of wealth

8. De-clutter your kitchen – Ensure that there is no rubbish lying around and utensils like pots, bowl, plates and others should be tidied up and kept into the cupboard. This is logical because if you tends to get headache if you see a mess and if you did not clean your kitchen, it will attract insects that might led to health or hygiene problems.




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