Unveil The Feng Shui Parenting Secret For Your Child

Is your children always misbehave, doing bad at studies or not respectful? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you adverse this situation by applying some some Feng Shui tips to your children bedroom and study room? Try these simple tips and observe the changes.

8 Feng Shui Parenting Tips For Children

1. Space does matter

Avoid cramped and narrow rooms. A child room should be as spacious as possible so that they can grow their potentials to the fullest.

2. Keep the room Bright and Clean

In order to attract good positive energy to a child room, it should be kept bright and clean. Ensuring the cleanliness of a child bedroom and study room will rejuvenate  his/her energy.

3. Free of Clutter

A room should be kept neat and clean because clutter disrupts the flow of energy and creates a sense of confusion. If the room has a dustbin, it should be covered at all time and emptied frequently. It will be good to teach and pass the responsibility of the room’s cleanliness to the child.

4. Location of the Bedroom

A bedroom should be located in an open and clear area. It should not be located in the basement area. Sleeping underground will create excessive ‘yin’ energy which will affect the health of the child.

5. Choice of Bed is important

Always select a bed that is big enough for your child. Avoid having your child’s leg dangling from the end of the bed, which will restrict her personal growth and achievement.

For the bed, a solid headboard with a simple design is highly recommended because it symbolize good support in his/her life. Beside this, the bed mattress should also be kept off the floor by a frame. A clear, empty space underneath the bed with ensure a good flow of energy to your child during the sleep. Bunk beds (those that are 2 storeys) is not advisable as it causes stress and pressure to those who are sleeping in. Lastly, try to avoid water beds because water trapped in the beds creates excessive yin energy, which is bad for health.

6. Position of the study desk

Avoid putting the study desk directly in line with the door because it cause destructive energy to rush towards the child and cause misfortune. As a window symbolizes poor support, so make sure that the back of your child is not facing the windows. This will prevent exposure to negative energy and cause unfavorable situation for the child. Position the desk away from location that has protruding object above such as air conditioners, chandelier, beam and others as it will cause fatigue and general illness.

7. No plants in room

It is undesirable to place plants (real or fake) in the bedroom because plants in a child’s bedroom will cause ill health and take away the child’s energy.

8. Do not place water features in bedroom

Water fountains or painting of waterfalls and seaside view should not be placed in bedroom as they will create negative energy that will affect the child’s relationship with her/his loved ones.

Plan carefully and make any changes to your child’s room gradually.




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