Water Fountain Feng Shui Tips That You Should Know

Water fountains are widely known as the Feng Shui symbols of wealth and abundance that are used by many people to attract positive energy into your living or working space.

It comes in various designs and styles, for example, tabletop, standing, wall-mounted and many others. If you already have or planning to get one, you should know how to correctly position your water fountain to attract beneficial energy. So here are some rules and guideline to be follow.

Water Fountain Feng Shui Tips and Guidelines

1. If you are placing a water fountain near your main entrance, make sure that the water is flowing inwards into the house (symbolising inviting wealth into the premise), instead of flowing outwards (indication of sending away your wealth)

2. The water must always be flowing and should not be still because still water encourage stagnant energy that is not beneficial to the household. So always keep the water flowing, except during the time of maintenance.


3. Do not keep the water fountain in the bedroom because the sound might disturb your sleep quality and affect your health condition in the long run.

4. Place a water fountain in the East sector of your home to promote good health and relationship because the East represent the Wood element and Water nourish and strengthen Wood.

5. If you are looking to enhance your career and work luck, you can placethe water fountain in the North sector which is governed by the element of water too.

6. Avoid the bathroom because it will cause an excess of water element, therefore creating an imbalance of the energy in the space.

7. Avoid positioning the water fountain in the South sector which belongs to the fire element, therefore there is a clash in the fire-water element that will create unfavourable energy to the household

8. Do not position a water fountain directly under a staircase because it create negative vibes that might affect health for the children.

9. No fountain in the kitchen

10. Do not get an over-sized fountain that is not proportional to your house or too big that block your walking space/entrance

11. It is good to get simple one without any sharp corner (symbolizing poison arrow) and also get those that allow water to flow gently, instead of rushing.

12. Last but not least, always maintain your water fountain clean and repair any spoilt parts.

Follow these simple water fountain Feng Shui tips to feel the good fortune and peace of mind!



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