Everyone always hope to attract more wealth and windfall luck in our life and one of the basic Feng Shui principle is to locate your wealth location (财位) in your home and apply Feng Shui cure or remedies/ enhancer to improve your wealth luck. So firstly, how do I locate the wealth location in my home? The primary wealth position is the location that is 45 degree opposite your main door while the secondary wealth position is the one opposite the primary one.

Wealth Location Feng Shui

So what is next?

Once you know your home wealth position, check out the do’s and don’ts that that has an impact on the Feng Shui. For example, some of the taboos are listed below

1. Wealth position must have wall backing support (財位須靠牆)

2. Wealth position to be away from windows and doors aisle

3. Check out more do’s and don’ts in our previous article – How To Feng Shui Your Wealth Location? (With Illustrations)

You can also check out this video of a famous Taiwanese Feng Shui master with the explanation of the wealth position and how to cure the situation where your wealth position is located at the windows.

Highlights to take note:

Feng Shui Wealth Position

Check out these Feng Shui tips and apply them to attract more wealth into your life.

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