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7 Effective Techniques To Use and Position Windows For Good Feng Shui

Windows are crucial to creating good Feng Shui in our house because they are the eyes of the external world. Their openings allow natural light to shine, making our living space brighter and more vibrant. Without them, the place will be dark and filled with a depressing atmosphere.

Besides, windows symbolize our career prospects and opportunities, so we should look into some practical techniques to attract good energy while applying balance.

1. Keep Windows Clean

It is an excellent practice always to ensure that your windows are clean and free of dirt as windows represent how we see the world, so we also don’t want to have blurred or blocked vision. Besides that, remember to ensure that your windows are in good working condition and fix any broken ones immediately.

2. Avoid Sleeping Under a Window

Many Feng Shui practitioners advised against positioning the bed under a window because the disruption of the Chi from the external surrounding will affect your sleep quality.

First, if your head is just under the window, you will also be affected by the light coming in and feel a lack of security. Second, if you live near a busy street, you might also be affected by the noise and polluted air. All these factors will harm your health and exhaust your energy quickly.

3. Avoid Too Many Windows

It is best to avoid getting a house with windows occupying every wall in a room. The optimal configuration will be having windows on two sides of the walls. When there are too many windows, it symbolizes a loss of wealth or income.

However, if you are already living in such a house, you can keep the curtain or blind down for some windows while allowing ample natural light into the home.

4. Windows Opening Direction Matters

Windows should open outwards instead of inwards to symbolize a welcome gesture to the positive energy to flow into the house.


5. Avoid Using Vertical Roman Blinds

Some people believe that having such blinds send out harmful poison arrows / Sha Chi with their cutting edges. So it will be good to use a standard blind or curtain, and it will be easier to maintain.

6. Do Not Allow Overgrown Plants Block The Windows

If you have the habit of growing plants near the windows, you should trim them regularly. This maintenance practice prevents the plants from overgrowing the windows because it will directly affect the household members associated with the affected sectors.

For example, if you have overgrown greenery in front of a window in the NorthWest sector, the male owner would not be able to “see” any opportunities in business or career clearly and make the wrong decision.

7. Windows Face Main Door is Undesirable

When choosing a new house, you should avoid one with a window facing directly opposite the main door. In this scenario, Chi flows in and out quickly, causing it to disperse. This layout symbolised that those living in this house have difficulties accumulating wealth. It has the same effect as a mirror facing the main door.

When you have a moment, make sure that you check all the windows in your home or office space for good Feng Shui.



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