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  • Health Luck
  • Career Luck
  • Love/Relationship Luck

14 February 1934 – 3 February 1935
2 February 1946 – 21 January 1947
18 February 1958 – 7 February 1959
6 February 1970 – 26 January 1971
25 January 1982 – 12 February 1983
10 February 1994 – 30 January 1995
29 January 2006 – 17 February 2007
Compatible Zodiac – Tiger, Rabbit, Horse

Wealth Luck

Dog zodiac clashes with Tai Sui in year 2018 and it greatly affect your wealth luck. Learn to be more thrifty and do not overspend on items or holidays that are not necessary. Don’t expect to see any result from your windfall luck so minimise or stop completely on betting or gambling.

Career Luck

Due to the influence of Tai Sui, you will be facing many obstacles and difficulties at workplace, but stay positive and things will get better in the 2nd half of the year. If you feel like quitting, endure until you find a new job before tendering. Stay low profile and be careful of despicable people (小人) and do not involve in any company politics to avoid getting into trouble.

Health Luck

Health is not favourable to you and your elderly in the family so take extra care to food hygiene. You will tend to feel more depressed easily, so it will be good to chat with close friends to release stress, instead of keeping to yourself. Always sleep early and avoid working overnight. 

Love/Relationship Luck

For dog friends, you must practice self control and stay positive because you will get easily emotional. Try not to bring your work problem back home and quarrel with your loved ones because of little things. It will be good to show more attention and concern to your spouse and do not be too ego.

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