• Wealth Luck
  • Health Luck
  • Career Luck
  • Love/Relationship Luck

9 February 1940 – 26 January 1941
27 January 1952 – 13 February 1953
13 February 1964 – 1 February 1965
31 January 1976 – 17 February 1977
17 February 1988 – 5 February 1989
5 February 2000 – 23 January 2001
23 January 2012 – 9 February 2013
Compatible Zodiac – Rat, Monkey, Rooster

Wealth Luck

This year, dragon zodiac clashes with Tai-sui so your fortune and wealth luck are not favourable, hence it will be good to avoid high risk speculation and gambling. You should adopt a “play safe” strategy in your finance management and be prudent in your spending to avoid getting into money problem.

Career Luck

Due to the lack of career luck, you will find yourself facing a difficult time and struggling at work. You will be stressed and pressured  from your superior. You will also be outcasted from colleagues, so for this year, work on the inter-personal relationship to avoid any hostility. 

Health Luck

Due to your hardship in work, you tend to be easily exhausted and stressed out, hence greatly affect your health. Rest more and take extra caution to what you eat to prevent food poisoning. Do not drive with fatigue as it can cause accident. 

Love/Relationship Luck

You tend to easily mood swing and agitated even over the slightest thing, especially towards your closed ones. Learn to be more accommodating and control your temper to avoid hurting the relationship.

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