• Wealth Luck
  • Health Luck
  • Career Luck
  • Love/Relationship Luck

17 February 1931 – 5 February 1932
5 February 1943 – 24 January 1944
24 January 1955 – 11 February 1956
9 February 1967 – 29 January 1968
28 January 1979 – 15 February 1980
15 February 1991 – 3 February 1992
1 February 2003 – 21 January 2004
Compatible Zodiac – Rabbit, Horse, Pig

Wealth Luck

Due to numerous auspicious star shining upon this year, your wealth luck is favourable with significant gain in investment returns, main income and also unexpected windfall. Stay in low profile to avoid being the target of theft or robberies.

Career Luck

You will have a smooth sailing career this year so it is time to look into expanding your business. As for working individual, you will get recognition from your bosses and there might be an opportunity for a promotion or career advancement.

Health Luck

Health status is average and you will easily fall sick due to overwork, so rest more when you have the chance. Maintain a healthy diet and it is time to pick up a sport to keep yourself active and kick away unhealthy habits.

Love/Relationship Luck

Romance luck is unbelievably good this year and for married couple, you will be welcoming a newborn into the family. For singles, you will meet you other half and get into a stable relationship. Wedding bells will be ringing for couple who are already in a relationship for years.

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