Check out what lies ahead for 2018 Horse Chinese Zodiac Forecast in term of Wealth, Career, Love and Health

Wealth Luck

You have a moderate wealth luck this year and your income can basically just cover your expenses, so be frugal. Do not spend unnecessarily and always save for the rainy day. You might reap some windfall gain but bear in mind to save it for future use.

Career Luck

For working individuals, your job will be stable but do not be too stuck up because it will bring you failure in your career. Avoid being high profile as it might attract back stabbers in your office. Stay humble and steer away from office politics. 

30 January 1930 – 16 February 1931
15 February 1942 – 4 February 1943
3 February 1954 – 23 January 1955
21 January 1966 – 8 February 1967
7 February 1978 – 27 January 1979
27 January 1990 – 14 February 1991
12 February 2002 – 31 January 2003
Compatible Zodiac – Tiger, Goat, Dog

Health Luck

Your health is relatively acceptable but you just need to take additional safety precautions for your children and elderly at home to avoid getting injured. It is always advisable to take things moderately rather than to the extreme.

Love/Relationship Luck

Romance luck is not at your side in 2018 and for couple who has been in long relationship, this year will be a challenge, so stay cool and resolve any problems amicably. Do not listen to any gossips that will affect your relationship and might eventually cause break up.


Check out Horse Zodiac Forecast for the year of 2018 in this animation video



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