• Wealth Luck
  • Health Luck
  • Career Luck
  • Love/Relationship Luck

6 February 1932 – 25 January 1933
25 January 1944 – 12 February 1945
12 February 1956 – 30 January 1957
30 January 1968 – 16 February 1969
16 February 1980 – 4 February 1981
4 February 1992 – 22 January 1993
22 January 2004 – 8 February 2005
Compatible Zodiac – Dragon, Snake, Rat

Wealth Luck

Wealth luck is gloomy in year 2018 and will have hurdles along the way. Always stay positive and you will find opportunity in the hardship. Spend within your means to avoid any financial hardship and save up for the rainy days.

Career Luck

Things are not looking good in your career luck and be prepared for unforeseen changes like company restructuring or even retrenchment. It is time to step out of your  comfort zone to pick up a new skill or a side income for the unexpected. Practice caution if you are changing job, make sure you have secure and signed the appointment letter for your new company before tendering your resignation. 

Health Luck

Health status is acceptable but you should also go for routine health check. If you are unwell, see a doctor immediately and do not delay any treatment before it turn worse. Avoid water activities and also extreme sports.

Love/Relationship Luck

Love lack is lacking and for singles, it will be hard to find your other half so just let nature take the course. As for couple, you should try to control your temper and be more understanding to each other to avoid heated argument that affect your relationship. 

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