• Wealth Luck
  • Health Luck
  • Career Luck
  • Love/Relationship Luck

27 January 1941 – 14 February 1942
14 February 1953 – 2 February 1954
2 February 1965 – 20 January 1966
18 February 1977 – 6 February 1978
6 February 1989 – 26 January 1990
24 January 2001 – 11 February 2002
10 February 2013 –30 January 2014
Compatible Zodiac – Rooster, Monkey, Ox

Wealth Luck

People born in the Snake Zodiac will enjoy prosperous fortune this year and opportunities are abundant so remember to choose well and seize the chance. You will see good result from both your wealth and windfall luck but do not spend unnecessary. You should also donate to charity. If you are looking for new ventures or expansion, this is the year to do.  

Career Luck

Blessed with auspicious stars, it will be a smooth sailing in your career in year 2018 and you will be rewarded with pay increment and promotion/advancement. If you are in the sales line, you will make remarkable result with deals rolling in.

Health Luck

You don’t need to worry about your health as there will not be any serious problem, except for minor illness like cough/flu. Do not indulge in drinking and smoking and also pay extra attention to your diet. 

Love/Relationship Luck

Romance star is shining on you this year, so for those who are in a relationship, it might be time to get married. For married couple, you might be welcoming a new family member within the year.

Check out Snake Zodiac Forecast for the year of 2018 in this animation video


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