Yu ShengLo Hei Step by Step DIY 

Prosperity toss, also know as Yu Sheng is a MUST HAVE item which is usually eaten during Chinese New Year in Singapore and Malaysia. But do you know the correct steps to Lo Hei in the most “HUAT” way! Here you are.

Tip: Shout out all the Chinese Auspicious Phrase at every steps!

1Gather all at the table and get ready! When presenting the dish of Yu sheng, shout out “恭喜发财”
2Add in the raw fish or salmon that symbolize abundance throughout the entire year (年年有余)
3Add lime or pomelo to the raw fish (大吉大利), symbolising great luck and prosperity
4Next, Sprinkle pepper and cinnamon powder (招财进宝) – Wishing you to attract wealth & treasures, meaning to huat all year long
5Pour oil and plum sauce over the ingredients (一本万利/财源广进), meaning to reap huge profits from investments and blessed with multiple wealth income stream.
6Add in shredded carrot – 鸿运当头 (Symbolizing good luck is coming)
7Next, add in shredded green radish (青春常驻), symbolizing forever young
8Add in shredded white radish – 步步高升 (May you progress steadily in your career)
9Pouring sesame seeds and peanut crumbs to bless your house filled with gold and silver / prosperity for the business
10Throw in as much golden cracker as you can – 满地黄金 (May your floor full of gold), symbolising many opportunities to make money to be grabbed.
11All to toss up the prosperity toss 7 times and shouting auspicious phrases and wishes for prosperity.





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