Feng Shui Tips for Having 2 Stoves In The Kitchen

Effect and Remedy of Having 2 Stoves In The Kitchen

If you have good feng shui in the kitchen, it will not only increase your wealth and health luck, it will also enhance your love relationship to foster a happy marriage. In summary, you will achieve what your want if you take good care of the feng shui in the kitchen.

What a “Having 2 Stoves in the Kitchen” Means in Feng Shui

Having 2 stoves in the kitchen OR having 2 kitchens in the house is not a common sight but we still see people doing that, so what does that imply?

The kitchen or the stove in the house represent the wife. Beside keeping it clean and free of clutter, you must also take care not to have more than one stove because it implies that the husband has more than one wife or an affair!

Note: Avoid having mirror backing because it will reflect your stove and it seems like you have 2 stoves.


How to Remedy the Situation with 2 Stoves in The Kitchen

There is no other way, but to remove one of the stove from the kitchen in order to resolve this issue.


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