Feng Shui Tips for Kitchen Door Facing the Stove

Effect and Remedy of Kitchen Door Facing the Stove

When arranging your kitchen’s stove, remember not to have it facing any doors. Be it the kitchen’s door or service yard’s door, it is still considered of having negative energy hitting onto your kitchen’s stove.

What a “Kitchen’s Door Facing the Kitchen’s Stove” Means in Feng Shui

When your kitchen’s door is directly facing your kitchen stove, it will


  • cause the family unable to accumulate wealth
  • cause the family not able to get well together
  • cause the family’s health to be deteriorated and more prone to accidents


1. Unable to Accumulate Wealth 

The kitchen’s stove is considered as one of a treasure box in the family, having it facing directly the door, it is also representing having your family’s treasure chest expose and unable to accumulate the wealth. E.g. when someone knows that you are wealthy, the person may scheme on your wealth.It is worst, if the family kitchen’s stove is facing the main door of the house.

2. Cause the Family Not Able to Get Well Together

When the kitchen’s door face the stove will cause the negative energy to hit on the stove , incidentally the family is hitting onto the fire, thus cause family member not able to get well and have lots of agruments.

3. Cause the Family’s Health To Be Deteriorated and More Prone To Accidents

Scientifically, when the door is facing the kitchen’s stove, it will cause the kitchen’s stove fire to be unstable due to the air or wind travelling towards it. The food cooked from the stove will not be so delicious or poor quality. Incidentally, it will cause the family’s health to be deteriorated. With the wind keeps interrupting the stove fire, it will cause the family to be prone to accidents.


How to Remedy the Situation with Kitchen’s Door Facing The Stove

A. Shift The Kitchen’s Stove Away From The Door

This will be the best solution to shift the kitchen’s stove away from the kitchen’s door.

B. Place a door curtain onto the kitchen’s door

Recommend to install a door curtain with 5 emperors coins onto the kitchen’s door. Note the following :

  • Not to be transparent or translucent
  • The length of the curtain to exceed one’s knee


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