Pineapple Symbolism

Pineapple Symbolism and Meaning in Eastern and Western Culture

Pineapple is an irresistibly tasty fruit that many people love because it is high in Vitamin C, helping to improve your immune system. Besides that, it is also an integral part of tradition and culture worldwide. In most cases, pineapples carry a positive symbolism and meaning.

In many countries or cultures, superstitions and rituals to attach wealth and prosperity prevail worldwide. However, there are differences in the interpretation or belief in each continent.

In this article, we will share the pineapple symbolism and its meaning in western and eastern traditions.

Pineapple Symbolism in Chinese Culture

Pineapple wins one of the top choices as a fruit symbolising wealth and abundance. The Chinese word for Pineapple in Hokkien, “Ong Lai”, sounds like a lucky phrase “income wealth and prosperity”.

In the Chinese tradition, the most popular ceremony is the pineapple rolling ritual. When a house buyer steps into their new home for the first time, they shout “Huat ah”, a Hokkien phrase meaning “to prosper”, and roll in the pineapple. Some people also do this ritual when moving to a new office.

Besides the actual fruit, you can also see people decorating their homes by displaying pineapple ornaments to herald good fortune, especially during the Chinese New Year. In addition, we also indulge in pineapple tarts during this festive period, symbolising all good things coming your way in the upcoming new year.

pineapple decoration symbolism


Pineapple Symbolism and Meaning in Western Culture

In western culture, the pineapple is the symbol of hospitality. Therefore, people will hang them outside their homes as a welcoming sign for visitors. Besides that, it also gives out a pleasant odour in the surrounding, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

What Does It Mean To Receive A Pineapple As A Gift?

Pineapple is a perfect gift for any occasion to bless the other party with good luck. So when you receive a pineapple as a gift, it is a good luck sign that good fortune and opportunity will come your way.

However, remember that good luck is only for those prepared beforehand to receive the golden opportunity and ready to take action.

In conclusion, the pineapple holds auspicious and positive meaning and symbolism. Hence, many people embrace it, regardless of where they stay.



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