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7 Unlucky Things To Banish Forever From Home For Good Luck

Chinese culture has a rich history of superstitions passed down through generations. These superstitions are beliefs or practices often based on cultural traditions, folklore, and spiritual beliefs rather than scientific reasoning.

In the context of home and living spaces, specific unlucky things harbour negative energy. Therefore, you should remove these objects from your house to create an atmosphere of positivity and ensure that their living environment is conducive to well-being and good fortune.

1. Broken Clock

Clocks are time-keeping tools representing movement, progress, and the continuous flow of time. Keeping a broken clock suggests a disruption in this flow or a bad omen, potentially leading to feeling stuck or stagnant in your current life stage.

There is a scary belief that if a broken clock chimes, it signifies that death may soon befall your household.

2. Thorny/Spiky Plants

Thorny and spiky plants, such as cacti and succulents with sharp needles or thorns, can generate hostile or aggressive energy. As a result, they can create an environment that feels hostile or unwelcoming and disrupt the flow of positive energy within the home.

Therefore, some Feng Shui practitioners advise against having such plants indoors because they can introduce discordant energy and hinder the smooth circulation of qi. Instead, it is optimal to opt for plants with soft and rounded leaves, which help to promote a more gentle and nurturing energy in the living space.

3. Dried/Dead Plants

You are discouraged from placing dead or dried plants at home because they carry stagnant and negative energy. Instead, introduce thriving and healthy plants to cultivate a vibrant environment to promote positive energy flow and enhance the overall harmony of the space.

Dead or dried plants are associated with energy that has become stagnant or stuck. They can symbolize a lack of vitality and growth, which is not conducive to a balanced and auspicious living space. Therefore, removing dead or dried plants from the home and replacing them with healthy and thriving plants are recommended.

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4. Outdated Calendar is Unlucky Thing To Keep

Like the same principle of a clock, a calendar is a tool to keep you updated on the date. Hence, an outdated calendar represents the past and can symbolize being stuck in time or unable to move forward.

Keeping an outdated calendar can be seen as holding onto old energies and memories, which may hinder progress and fresh opportunities from entering your life. On the other hand, displaying a current calendar signifies being in the present and open to new possibilities, so replacing the outdated calendar with a new one at the beginning of each year will be best.

5. Painting with Negative and Inauspicious Meaning

If you plan to display paintings in your home, the artwork can significantly impact the energy (qi) and ambience of the environment.

For example, artwork with negative meanings, such as scenes of violence, sorrow, or disturbing images, can introduce negative energy into your living space. It may evoke feelings of unease, sadness, or anxiety, disrupting the harmonious flow of energy within the home.

Choose artwork that exudes uplifting and joyful qualities to promote a positive and balanced atmosphere. Art with serene landscapes, vibrant colours, or representations of harmony and abundance can enhance the overall ambience and create a sense of peace and well-being.

6. Religious Sculptures or Figurines From Unknown Source

Displaying religious sculptures or sacred objects of unknown sources at home can attract negative energies or spirits. The concern lies in the uncertainty surrounding the origins and energies associated with these objects.

Therefore, when acquiring religious sculptures or sacred items, it is essential to consider their authenticity and provenance. Objects with unclear origins might have unknown energies attached to them, and there could be a risk of inadvertently inviting unwanted or conflicting energies into your living space.

7. Broken Things

Broken items, such as cracked mirrors, chipped tables, or damaged objects, carry disrupted or stuck energy, which can hinder the smooth flow of positive energy (qi) within a space. This stagnant energy may attract obstacles or challenges in life.



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