Feng Shui Tips for Bed Feet Facing Directly To Window

Bedroom Feng Shui is essential to your home to ensure not just a good sleep quality but it also symbolise your romance or health luck. Windows and beds cannot be mixed and the rule of thumb is to avoid placing your bed facing directly to a window or under a window. This type of bed placement will also activate negative effects on your personal health and love luck.

What a “Sleep With Feet Facing Directly To Window” Means in Feng Shui

When you sleep with your feet facing directly towards the windows while lying on the bad , it will has negative effects such as

  • Attracting 爛桃花 – meaning that you always encounter an opposite gender that you will don’t want, but always cannot avoid, for example a married person chasing a single, someone with a ulterior motive for this courtship and others.
  • Prone to accident – If you have a window in front of you, you tends to get easily distracted of any happening outside, especially the sunlight shining into your bed. It can cause poor sleeping quality, therefore you will be more tired and accidents may happen.

How to Remedy the Situation with Bed Feet Facing Directly To Window

A. Shift the bed to a better commanding position

The first and most straightforward step to remedy is to shift the bed to another location that does not face the windows if space area permits. You should also observe other Bedroom Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts too.

B. Block the window opening 

You can choose to seal off the window that your bed is facing, but this option is only applicable if you have more than 1 windows in the room.

C. Install a curtain or blind

If the above 2 solutions are not possible, you can choose to install a curtain or blind to cover the window. Try to close the curtain or blind at all times when not in use.

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