Feng Shui Tips for Having a Room Within Bedroom

Effect and Remedy of Having a Room Within Bedroom (房中房)

It has been a trending and modern way to design the bedroom by constructing a room as a walk in wardrobe, study area, baby area inside the room itself. But in term of Feng Shui, it is a big taboo to have such design because 房中房 symbolize having another mistress in the house since you are sharing the same bedroom. This type of layout will tend to attract 3rd party into your love relationship or extra marital affairs and hurt your marriage. But firstly, let’s define if you really have this problem of 房中房.

What a “Having a Room Within a Bedroom” Means in Feng Shui

How do you define as 房中房 Phenomenon?

If you have another room inside your bedroom and the door has separator like door kerb or door frame, then this is considered as 房中房. If the area size of the smaller room is less than 1/3 of the whole bedroom, then it is not considered as a 房中房.


How to Remedy the Situation with Having a Room Within Bedroom

A. Remove The door and door frame if possible

It will be good if you can entirely remove door frame and door so that it does not symbolise a door which means that there is no 房中房 any more.


B. Place a Hu Lu inside the smaller room

It is recommend to place a Hu Lu inside the smaller room as it is to subdue the 3rd party or prevent extra-martial affairs. Note the following :

  • The Hu Lu must have a cover
  • It is advisable to buy those made of natural material


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