Feng Shui Tips for Bed Under The Window

Effect and Remedy of Sleeping in Bed Under The Window

What does “Having a Bed Under the Window” Means to you?
It means that you are sleeping on a bed that is directly under the window and your head is right under the window when you are lying in bed. When we are sleeping at night, we need strong backing support against a solid wall, just like our sofa, instead of a window behind us (it will be worse if it is a full height window)

What a “Sleeping with Bed Under The Window” Means in Feng Shui

If you have such situation, it is considered as bad Feng Shui. You will tend to have poor sleep quality because of the disruption of the Chi from the outside surrounding environment. With your head just right under the window, you will also be affected by the light coming in and also feel a lack of security. If you are living near to a busy street, you might also be affected by the noise and polluted air. All these factors will have a adverse impact on your health and your energy will be easily drained as a result.

How to Remedy the Situation with Bed Under The Window

A. Shift your bed to a better location

The best remedy for this bad feng shui is to shift your bed away from the window, while following the best bed Feng Shui position guidelines.

B. Use a sturdy headboard or blind shade

If shifting of the bed is out of the question, it will be advisable to get a tall solid bed headboard and windows blind to minimize the external factors affecting your sleep.

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