Feng Shui Tips for Main Door Facing Toilet

Effect and Remedy of Main Door Facing Toilet


If you have such scenario, your wealth luck will be adversely affected. Just imagine if you are the god of wealth and the first sight that you see is a toilet, do you think you will stay in the house or even enter it? Of course not, you will just turn your head and leave.

What a “Main Door Facing Toilet” Means in Feng Shui

In this situation, it will cause loss of wealth or difficulty in accumulating your money since the qi from the main door will be directed to the toilet and being flushed away instantly.

How to Remedy the Situation with Main Door Facing Your Toilet

A. Change the direction of the toilet door opening

This might be a tricky scenario as major work has to be done to remedy this problem, so we always say that the best remedy is prevention. If you are still hunting for a house, avoid choosing such layout or if you are still planning for renovation, it will be good to change the opening of the toilet door if possible to avoid facing the main door.


B. Place a divider to block the qi to flow into the toilet

If your existing layout is already facing such problem and major renovation work is out of question, you can implement this alternative solution. You can place a divider between the main door and the toilet door to separate them in order to block the qi to flow directly into the toilet bowl.

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