Feng Shui Tips for Main Door Facing The Bed


Effect and Remedy of Main Door Facing The Bed


In some house layout, it is designed in such a way that the bedroom/bed is directly in sight from the main door , meaning that anyone can peek from the door and see what is happening in your bedroom. In Feng Shui, it is known as “堂見床” and it has negative impact to the one who is staying in that room.

What does “Main Door Facing Directly To Bed” Means in Feng Shui

In such situation where your bed is directly exposed to the outside main door, these are the effects and they are usually related to romance luck:

If the room is occupied by a married couple, there will be high chance of extra-marital affairs (either female or male) or heated argument caused by gossips by third party outsiders that will harm the relationship.

If the room is occupied by a single, you will attract courtship with bad motive or even a “shot gun” situation.

How to Remedy the Situation with Main Door Facing The Bed

A. Shift the bed away to another position

The best and most straight-forward solution is to shift the bed to another position that is not in sight of the main door to prevent anyone to peek in.

B. Place a door curtain onto the toilet door

If due to space constraint and no way to move the bed placement, it will be advisable to use a non transparent screen divider between the main door and bedroom door to block the vision from the outside view.

C. Hang a door curtain at the bedroom

Alternatively, you can always hang a door curtain and the height of the curtain (dropped from the top) must be lower than your knee. Beside that, it will also be good to close the bedroom door whenever it is no in use.

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