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12 Bad Luck Superstitions You Must Know (Be Safe Than Sorry)

Superstitions are a part of our culture and are deeply rooted in our psyche, and we often follow them without giving them a second thought. There are many unreasoning superstitions around the world, especially in Chinese culture. For example, bad luck superstitions are always in our minds, even though we don’t believe they can happen to us.

However, you can have good luck superstitions that hint you are on a lucky streak.

Our ancestors passed down these beliefs and practices over the centuries without any logical or scientific explanation. Do you still believe in that?

I would say that” Better safe than sorry” is the best approach. We have curated a list of bad luck superstitions that bring bad luck to people.

1. Shaking Leg Means Loss of Wealth

The shaking leg syndrome is a neurological disorder that causes the legs to shake uncontrollably. This action can be caused by stress, anxiety, and other factors. However, in Chinese culture, people believe that shaking your leg while sitting means you are losing money and will eventually become poor.

On the other hand, I will instead treat it as a rude habit because it shows impatience, so it is good to avoid this action.

2. Don’t Choose the Wrong Bad Luck Gift 

There are also some guidelines for choosing a gift for giving because the wrong choice of gifts indicates terrible luck. Here are some examples:

Knives, scissors or sharp objects – Many believed it would sever the relationship between the giver and receiver.

Shoes – Giving any footwear has the hidden meaning and significance of asking the receiver to walk away from you.

Clocks – The Chinese word for giving a clock sound like attending a funeral. Thus it is a big taboo to gift someone a clock or watch.

3. Sticking Chopstick in a Upright Position is Bad Luck Superstition

Many consider Sticking chopsticks in a vertical position to be bad luck in many Asian cultures. The idea behind this bad luck superstition is that if you stick a pair of chopsticks vertically into a bowl of rice, the spirits will have nowhere to go and will stay with you. So, many people consider it as bad luck because it means that the spirits will follow you wherever you go.

In addition, there is another popular explanation for this superstition is that it resembles incense sticks at a Buddhist temple, which people traditionally arranged vertically.

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4. No Broom Allowed During Chinese New Year

The Chinese believed that using a broom during the Lunar New Year will sweep away good fortune and bring bad luck instead. It is not advisable to use a broom in any way during this time as it will bring misfortune.

5. Bad Luck in Gambling

In gambling, there are many bad luck superstitions to avoid so that you will not get into financial loss. The most popular one is touching the shoulder of someone else who is gambling. Don’t try this, or you might get hurt.

Next, it is taboo to have someone reading a book near you when gambling because the book sounds like “to lose” in Chinese.

6. Be Careful with Mirrors

Breaking a mirror is a superstition that has been around for centuries. The story goes that breaking a mirror will bring you seven years of bad luck. Mirror breaking is often associated with death, so be careful when handling them.

Moreover, in some cultures, people believe that mirrors are portals or windows into other worlds or dimensions. Therefore, breaking a mirror symbolises the breaking of their spirit or soul.

7. The Unlucky Numbers

The unlucky number superstition is a belief that specific numbers are unlucky because they have been associated with negative events.
This superstition is not exclusive to any particular culture since it is more common in both Eastern and Western cultures.

There are different variations of unlucky numbers, but the most common ones are 4 in the east and 13 in the west. In Chinese culture, four symbolize death, so many people avoid choosing a house on the 4th storey or holding a mobile phone number with many 4. You might even find some buildings with a missing fourth storey.

8. Don’t Flip The Cooked Fish

Have you encountered someone who tells you not to flip over a cooked fish? They are probably from the fishing industry or even those serving in the Navy because they believe it would lead to a ship capsizing which is a bad omen.

9. The Jinx 9

The Chinese believe it will be a year of turbulence if your age has nine and has a life-threatening hurdle to go through. For example, it can be the age of 9, 19, 29, 39, 49, 59, 69, 79, 89 or 99. That is why some people avoid celebrating their birthdays at this particular age.

10. Do Not Keep a Spoilt Clock

The clock has been a symbol of time for centuries, and you can often find this object in every home. The clock is not only a tool that tells us the time but also an indispensable decoration.

However, it is a Feng Shui rule to dispose of anything that is not working or is beyond repair. This rule is especially true for a broken clock because it symbolizes the end of life. If a broken clock suddenly chimes, it means there will be a death in the household.

11. Annual Zodiac Conflict with Grand Duke Jupiter (Fan Tai Sui)

In Chinese astrology, we divide the zodiac into 12 animal signs. The year of the rabbit, for instance, starts on February 4th, 2023. Each zodiac sign has an annual conflict with one other zodiac sign. This year, the rabbit will conflict with the grand duke Jupiter (Tai Sui), which will last for a year.

The annual Zodiac Conflict with Grand Duke Jupiter is when people born in this sign must avoid major expenses or lifestyle changes. In addition, they should also avoid activities that might result in injury or death during this period.

People with such zodiac animal signs will need to go to the temples to pray to their Tai Sui as a resolution. But is this really the case?

12. Avoid Pointing Directly At The Moon

In many Asian cultures, people consider pointing at the moon to bring bad luck. But, on the other hand, some also believe that it will bring misfortune and bring about a curse. However, the most common saying is that the moon goddess will cut your ear if you point at it.



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