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10 Easy Ways To Usher In a Lucky Chinese New Year 2023

The Lunar New Year falls on 22 January 2023 and is the most important festival for Chinese people worldwide. It is a time of celebration, reunion and joy. Therefore, as we look towards 2023, we must start planning early on how to usher in a prosperous and lucky Chinese New Year.

If you grew up in a Chinese family, you could see the elderly busy with preparations to welcome the new year. They include spring cleaning, cooking auspicious food, decor and many more.
Even though there is no concrete evidence of their effectiveness, many people still follow these traditions for many generations.

This article will explore ways and symbolism to make the most of this special occasion to ensure that Chinese New Year 2023 will be a lucky one!

1. Spring Cleaning and Decluttering For a Lucky Chinese New Year

The Chinese believed an overhaul spring cleaning of their house before New Year’s Day is necessary. It is because any cleaning done on New Year’s Day itself washes away the good luck.

It will also remove the negative energy in the house collected over the year. In addition, there are even auspicious dates and procedures to follow for spring cleaning. In a nutshell, decluttering with purpose is the key to achieving good house Feng Shui.


2. Adorn Your Home with Auspicious Decorations

Chinese New Year is a perfect time to spruce your home with good luck symbols as decorations to usher in good fortune. The most popular one is the Fu character, which you often see pasted on doors or windows. Many people like to put this symbol in an inverted position because it sounds like “Good Fortune is Coming” in Chinese. Besides that, you can get some spring couplets with auspicious wordings.

You can also get some lucky flowers to decorate your house. Choose those with auspicious meanings and your intention too. If you need help choosing the right ones, we have compiled a list of CNY auspicious plants and flowers.

3. Wear Red or Bright Color / Avoid Black

Chinese New Year is a period of celebration and renewal, and wearing bright colours is an integral part of the tradition. Red is especially significant because it symbolizes good luck, joy, and prosperity. Wearing red during the Chinese New Year can bring you good fortune for the year ahead. In addition, you’ll see many red decorations during the period of the Lunar New Year. Besides attracting good luck, it is also a symbol of happiness, vitality, and longevity.

However, you should avoid wearing black as people often link this colour with mourning and death in Chinese culture. Furthermore, while wearing black may be fashionable in other cultures, you should avoid it during Chinese New Year as it can bring bad luck or misfortune to those who wear it.

By wearing bright colours such as red or other vibrant hues during Chinese New Year, you can show respect for the traditions while also looking stylish. So make sure to put on some colour this coming new year!

4. Tradition of Giving Red Envelopes

This annual event is a time for families to gather and celebrate the start of the Lunar New Year. An essential part of this celebration is giving hong bao or red envelopes filled with money. The tradition has been around for centuries, but today, it has taken on a new meaning as people use hong bao to express their love and gratitude to their family and friends.

In addition, do you know that distributing Hong Bao red envelopes with money inside brings good luck to both parties? It blesses the person who receives as well as the one who gives. It is a common tradition for parents and grandparents to prepare some red packets to give away to their kids and grandkids. Likewise, those married couples (regardless of your age) give to the kids and even cousins (even older than you) who are still singles.

In short, give your blessing, and you will be blessed too. Always give it on a happy note and willingly.


5. No Showering On The First Day of The Lunar New Year

Eek! This practice is one of the oddest superstitions (I choose not to follow), especially not washing my hair on Chinese New Year. This superstition comes from a Chinese idiom, “getting yourself into hot water,” or a bad situation. Will you follow it?

In addition, there are more traditions and superstitions on what you should not be doing on the first day of the lunar new year.

6. Bank Deposit on Li Chun Day (立春) to Usher a Lucky Chinese New Year

You can widely see this phenomenon in Singapore and some Asian countries in recent years. As a result, you will notice long queues at cash deposit machines or branches to deposit their money on this special day.

According to some beliefs, it will bring you energy in the coming year if you deposit money on this day. But you still need to put in the effort and work hard to earn what you want. But no harm in joining just for fun.

You can match the auspicious timings based on your Chinese Zodiac animal signs to deposit the money on Li Chun Day for maximum good luck.

7. Mandarin Oranges Bring Good Fortune

Many have been using the mandarin orange as a symbol of good fortune for centuries in China, with its bright colour and sweet flavour representing hope for a prosperous future. In addition, its round shape symbolizes unity and togetherness, making it an ideal gift for a lucky Chinese New Year.

From being used as decorations to being given as gifts, the mandarin orange plays a vital role in bringing luck to those who celebrate the holiday. Furthermore, many households keep a bowl filled with mandarin oranges on the table and offer them to visitors during the New Year’s celebration.

8. Pay Overdue Bills and Money You Have Borrowed

It is an auspicious sign to pay off all your bills/loans to start your new year afresh. You might be surprised that the friends who owe you money will contact you automatically just before the lunar new year to pay you back. Time to collect your bad debt, and the success rate is high!

9. Feng Shui Your House With Flying Star Enhancers and Cures

Some people like to apply the Feng Shui flying stars in their house every year. It is about tapping into the energy of the favourable direction and minimising the negative. These nine flying stars will fly to different sectors of your home on 4 February, so you need to apply the enhancer and cures every year.

10. Stay Positive and Happy

On Chinese New Year’s Day, spend quality time with your family and loved ones. Stay happy and positive, and avoid negative words/scolding/quarrels.

Thinking about this, shouldn’t you stay positive every day to attract good things into your life?

Do you follow all these traditions to usher in a lucky Chinese New Year? No harm in trying, and you might get some unexpected good fortune!



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