Chinese New Year Traditions Meaning Of The 15 Days

Happy Chinese Year To everyone! Do you know the Chinese New Year Traditions Meaning of 15 Days of CNY 农历新年15天?
1In the first day of Lunar new year, you must not sweep the floor, if not, you will sweep away good luck for the year. Till date, people still practice cleaning and sweeping the house before CNY but during CNY, they will refrain from sweeping, throwing rubbish out.
2In Day 2 of the Lunar New Year, the daughter who has been married must return to her own parents' home, accompanied by the husband. This is also known as "Welcoming son-in-law" day. During the visit, presents and hong baos must be prepared for the young ones in the family. They should also have lunch there too, but need to go back to the husband side for dinner after that. In the past, people also choose this day to have a family photo shoot.
3Day 3 is also known as "赤狗日", that sound like "赤口" which is not auspicious, so it is not good for house visit. It is believed that arguments and conflict will happen easily on this day. But this custom is already outdated, it is because that in the modern day, it is very hard for all family members to gather together, so we must value every moments together.
4Day 4 is the day to worship the God of Wealth. In the past, this is also the day that bosses will sack those they always want to, so the person will not be invited to the worship. There is also a legend that kitchen god is also checking account on this day, so it is not recommended to travel far.
5Day 5 of Lunar New Year is commonly know as "破五" , which need to 赶五穷”,including “智穷、学穷、文穷、命穷、交穷”. People will set fire cracker and start cleaning at dawn. The firecracker will be fired from inside out of the room and concurrently, you will be also walking out of the house. This symbolize blasting all bad energy or luck out. In this day, there is a folk tale to eat dumplings, which is know as "捏小人嘴" (Squeeze the mouth of the evil person)
6On this day, stores and restaurants are officially opened for business and will light up firecracker for celebrations that is as grand as those during CNY eve. This is the day when every household should throw out their accumulated garbage, which symbolized sending all bad lucks away.
7Day 7 is known as "人日" which means this day is the birthday of human kinds, so it is the birthday of everyone. Based on 《占书》- the Ancient book, from day 1 onwards, heaven has created all things based the order of 一鸡二狗、三猪四羊、五牛六马、七人八谷” (1 - Rooster, 2 - Dog, 3 - Pig, 4 - Goat, 5 - Ox, 6 - Horse, 7 - Human), that is why day 7 is the birthday of all man kinds.
8Day 8 is 谷日, which is the birthday of 谷子. (谷子,即粟。大地上生长的农作物多种多样,但统称为“五谷”,可见谷在农业中的地位之重。谷子碾出的小米,养育了古老的中华民族。), also know as star festival. If this day has a good weather, then it symbolize that it will be a fruitful harvest this year.
9Day 9 of lunar new year is the birthday of the Jade Emperor according to folks' custom, so large scale celebration is being held to thank the gods. On this day, people will pray to "天公" for the new year to be more prosperous and good fortune.
10Day 10 is believed to be the birthday of the stone. Grind, mill and other stone tools should not be touched on this day and you should pray to the stone. In area like Shandong Yuncheng, there is a belief to carry the stone god. In the eve of day 9, people will put a frozen crock on a smooth boulder, in the morning of day 10, they will tie the nose of the crock with a rope and 10 young men will take turns to carry it. If the stone does not drop on the floor, it will symbolize a good harvest year.
11Lunar new year day 11 is known as the "son-in-law" day, it is the day when the father in law treat the son-in-law. After the celebration of Day 9 - Birthday of "天公", there is a lot of leftover, so on this day, all these delicacy can be served to the son-in-law, in order not waste and also save money for the in-law side. There is a folk song called “十一请子婿”
12-15After day 11, people will begin to prepare for the celebration of 元宵佳节 (Lantern Festival). They will start to buy lantern from Day 12 and set them up. There is a Nursery Rhymes that goes “十一嚷喳喳,十二搭灯棚,十三人开灯,十四灯正明,十五行月半,十六人完灯。” Day 15 of lunar new year is “元宵节” and this is the first night of the year with the full moon.

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