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Deer Symbol Meaning in Feng Shui (Should You Put One at Home?)

Deer and cranes are the most famous auspicious symbol representing good health and longevity among the Feng Shui animals in Chinese culture.

However, the deer symbol has much more meaning than that. It also has another symbolism of wealth and prosperity. The Chinese word for deer (鹿) phonetically resembles “Luk”, which means good fortune and abundance.

Where Should I Place the Deer Symbol for Good Feng Shui?

Every Feng Shui animal and ornament has an optimal placement at home or office. The deer symbol also is no exception. You can place it in the area based on your intentions.

1. Sectors of the House Representing Wealth and Health

According to the Feng Shui Bagua Map, you can place this lucky symbol in the Southeast corner of the dining area or in the East sector of the house to bring abundant health and wealth to the household members.

2. Place in Office for Career Development and Promotion

If you need a boost or breakthrough in your work or business progress, placing a deer symbol in the working space helps enhance career luck and monetary gain. For those in authority, you can place a deer on your desk to represent recognition, fame and a stable, successful career.

Can Deer Painting Bring Good Luck?

Many like to have paintings of auspicious animals or objects in their house’s living hall or study room to attract good fortune. Besides the popular koi fish, deer painting is another good choice to be seen at home.

Deer paintings are also an ideal gift to close family or superiors at work as a gesture that portrays your respect for them.

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What Should I Look Out For In Deer’s Head Decoration?

Many people like to decorate their living with deer heads. Besides the auspicious meaning of wealth and prosperity, it also adds some noble cultivation and royalty elements to the space. However, this concept might not be ideal for a small living room because it might look too cramped and affect the energy flow.

However, there are also Feng Shui rules in hanging the deer head in your house.

1. The pointed antlers create a poison arrow symbolizing Sha Qi, so it is best to hang high on the wall. It must be upright and avoid touching the ceiling.

2. Do not position your working desk, beds, or dining tables below the deer’s head because it creates an uncomfortable feeling for the one sitting underneath.

3. The head should be facing the house inwards, symbolizing welcoming and accumulating positive energy.

4. Like all other auspicious symbols, we should keep the area clean and avoid the deer head facing toward the bathroom.

Apart from the Feng Shui benefits, the deer also has some practical use where you can make medicine from its horn.



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