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6 Interesting Crane Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

In the Chinese culture and world of Feng Shui, people regard birds as auspicious symbols that bring good fortune. Besides the most famous mystical celestial bird, the phoenix, the crane is the next most well-liked bird by many people, especially in the Asian countries. It is also known as the bird of longevity. Do you know about the crane symbolism?

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Crane?

The crane has been a powerful symbol in many cultures throughout history. People see this bird as a sign of good luck, peace, and longevity. In the spiritual realm, the crane symbolizes transformation and balance between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Many also believed the crane has healing powers that can bring harmony and balance to our lives. In addition, the crane reminds us of our inner strength and resilience in times of difficulty.

What is Crane Symbolism in China?

In China, the crane, also known as the heron, has always been one of the most auspicious symbols since the olden times. It is a symbol of nobility and long life. In addition, it also represents everlasting love and loyalty in romance. During the imperial dynasty, people used images of cranes on the official robes to differentiate their ranks.

What is Crane Symbolism in Japan?

In Japanese culture, a crane, also known as “the bird of happiness”, symbolises longevity, fidelity, and peace and is also believed to have healing power.

The Japanese believed that folding a thousand paper cranes for a patient suffering from illness could help recovery. In addition, the crane is one of the most popular lucky charms in Japan that is said to bring good luck to the owner.

Do Cranes Symbolize Hope?

For centuries, the crane has been a symbol of hope and good luck in many cultures. For example, in the Japanese culture, the locals believed that folding 1000 paper cranes could bring luck and healing. On the other hand, In Chinese culture, the crane is associated with longevity and wisdom. The crane also symbolises peace in many cultures, including Native American cultures.

In addition, the symbolism of the crane represents hope in many works of art, literature, and film. It has become a powerful symbol for overcoming adversity and finding strength in difficult times. The crane’s ability to fly high into the sky is a metaphor for achieving one’s dreams and aspirations despite any obstacles that may stand in the way.

Crane Symbolism and meaning


How to Choose The Right Chinese painting with Crane Illustration?

There are a few varieties of painting with crane designs that you can choose for good luck.

– First, choose the crane with its wing stretched out and a raised leg. This painting symbolizes longevity.

– If the painting illustrates a pine tree or bamboo and deer, it is known as “extended life”. Therefore, you can gift this design to the elder to bless them with long life.

– Cranes are often paired with a specified flower for an auspicious meaning. For example, if it is with a peony flower, it represents prosperity and long life.

– If you are looking to seek fame and reputation, you can choose the painting of a crane flying toward the sun.

Where To Place The Crane for Good Feng Shui?

– Small-sized crane figurine or painting can be placed in the health sector of the house since they are the symbols of longevity

– Avoid placing it in the kitchen, toilet, and storeroom

– Since the white crane signifies wisdom and fame, it is good to place in the south sector of the house according to the Ba Gua map

– Position the crane in the east area to improve the health of the household members, especially the elderly.



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