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Rubber Plant And Feng Shui – A Houseplant For Wealth and Health

We know plants are great for the environment and can help purify the air. In addition, they can also add life and colour to any room. But not all plants are created and treated equally, and you should not miss out on rubber plant because it brings good Feng Shui.

Rubber plants, also known as Ficus elastica, are a type of fig tree that grows in tropical and subtropical climates. People usually grow them as indoor houseplants in containers because they enjoy potting soil and drying out between waterings.

However, many overlook the rubber plant because it doesn’t grow substantially, has no flowers, or bears fruit. However, besides bringing good energy vibes, the rubber plant is an excellent choice for those with little space in their home or apartment.

In addition, it’s also a perfect choice for those busy people who need a plant that won’t take up too much water or sunlight. The rubber plant can thrive in low-light environments and with minimal water intake.

Is Rubber Plant Good for Vastu or Feng Shui?

The rubber plant is an excellent addition to any office or home. In Feng Shui or Vastu, this plant symbolises wealth and prosperity with its thick and fleshy leaves.

It’s particularly potent in the living space because of its ability to minimise the negative energies associated with the home.

In addition, it is an excellent plant for the office because it brings abundance, creativity, and harmony.

What Is Rubber Plant Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning?

Rubber plants are a type of houseplant with many symbolic meanings. First, the natural uprightness of the rubber plant symbolizes strength and stability.

Next, it symbolizes resilience and strength since it can survive harsh weather conditions and still thrive.

Last, in the Eastern world, the rubber plant is a common houseplant that symbolizes courage, sincerity, and ambition. Many also believe this lucky plant can encourage success in one’s endeavours.

It is also a perfect gift to your loved ones to signify love and commitment.

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Where to Place Rubber Plant For Good Feng Shui?

Since rubber plants are closely associated with good fortune, wealth and prosperity, placing them in the money corner are the best. But, on the other hand, according to the Feng Shui Bagua map, you can set the rubber plants in the Southeast sector to manifest the money energies.

If you have an angular room with sharp wall corners, place a large rubber plant in the corner. As a result, it creates the illusion of space, minimizes negative energy from poison arrows, and provides a focal point in the shape of a plant.

A rubber plant is a perfect choice for the working desk in a home office. They provide an attractive appearance and a tranquil environment that helps promote concentration and creativity. In addition, they also boost the “Yang” masculine energy required for people working from home to keep them busy and energetic.

Where You Should Avoid Putting Rubber Plant?

Based on the Feng Shui five elements concept, fire exhaust wood, so it is advisable to avoid placing any plants in the South belonging to the fire element.

Next, you should avoid placing rubber plants in the bedroom because they create Yang energy that can cause difficulties in getting asleep. The bedroom needs more Yin energy instead.

How to Care For Rubber Plant?

In Feng Shui, a growing plant brings positivity, while a dead or dying one create stagnant energy. So with the proper care and maintenance, a rubber plant can make a beautiful addition to your home. It requires minimal supervision. You only need to water it in the morning and give it a good watering at the end of the day or whenever you think it needs more water.



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