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10 Tips to Increase Your Lottery Luck by Choosing a Good Outlet 

Have you been ever think that winning lottery luck is something that only happens to other people? Want to know how to make yourself luckier? Where there is a will there is always a way, so if you really want to win more lottery money, here are 10 tips from a Taiwan Feng Shui Master to share on how to choose a good outlet to buy lottery.

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Characteristic of a good Feng Shui outlet (Exterior)

1. 市集中心 – Choose an outlet in the crowded city area

2. 庙宇附近 – An outlet that is situated near a temple (No wonder the outlet at Fortune Centre near Guan Yin temple is always packed)

3. 前堂开阔 – It will be good to choose an outlet that has a shop front with a spacious and clutter-free area. Avoid those that is messy or very near to the main road.

4. 车水马龙 – Choose an outlet that is packed with people because it attract wealth luck with the human energy.

5. 街道平正 – Choose an outlet where the street flooring is flat and straight. Avoid those outlets that has uneven flooring or construction that is happening at the shop front.

Characteristic of a good Feng Shui outlet (Interior)

6. 进店不见门 – Upon entry, you should not see any door facing the entrance directly. If the door is at the side, it is ok as long as it does not face the front door.

7. 进店不见厕 – Upon entry, you should not see any toilet facing the main door.

8. 进店不见灶 – Upon entry, you should not see any stove facing the main door. (I don’t think this is applicable in Singapore)

9. 龙边不阻碍 – When you are standing inside and facing out, on your left is the Dragon and right is the tiger.  On the dragon side, it should be spacious enough for the free movement flow of visitors.

10. 虎边不见窗 – On the tiger side, there should not any windows or doors in order to accumulate wealth

Just give this a try and see if it really works for you.




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