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Top 5 Succulent Plants That Are Perfect Match For Good Feng Shui

Looking for lucky plants that pack your living space with good energy? In Feng Shui, plants symbolize growth. The most popular type as succulent plants because they are believed to bring wealth and reap abundance in life. 

They are well liked by many people around the globe because of its unique coin-resembled leaves that symbolise money. Besides these auspicious appearances, their vibrant colours also add a touch of nature in the modern interior home design. The best part is that they are easy to maintain because succulent require little water. However, it is best to avoid direct sunlight as the leaves can get burnt  

Here are the top 5 handpicked succulent plants to bring into your space for good energy

1. Jade Plant (Crassula ovata)

Jade plant is a renowned money plant that is believed to attract money luck. In the Asian countries, it is regarded as a good luck charm to boost and activate financial energies.

2. Desert Rose (Adenium Obesum)

This is famous plant, called Fu Gui Hua 富贵花 that the Chinese loves the auspicious name that symbolizes wealth and prosperity. It is said that larger the basal stem, more fortune and good luck will be attracted. It is definitely the perfect fit for festive season, especially during Chinese New year period.

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3. Chinese Money Plant (Pilea Peperomioides)

There are many types of money plants that are loved by many people for bringing wealth luck to the caregivers. One of them is the Chinese money plant with full vibrant green rounded shape leaves that symbolize abundance. Besides that, it is also a natural air purifier that helps in regulating the air, creating a pleasant space.

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4 and 5. Snake Plant and Cactus

What!? Isn’t these 2 plants unfavourable and notorious for home Feng Shui?

Well, snake plant and cactus always have bad reputation, but they have their good point too. When placed in a right strategic location, they act as a protective shield against negative energies created from external structures. However, it is good to avoid placing these plants indoors, especially in bedroom.

Where to Place Succulent Plants To Attract Positive Energies?

Succulent plants can bring many good if they are positioned in the right location. Here are some places that are suitable:

  • Entrance of a retail store or office space
  • In the office cubicle for good fortune
  • Plants are typically encouraged to be placed in the east sector for family harmony and prosperity

In conclusion, does succulent plant really bring good Feng Shui, wealth and abundance? There is no scientific proof, however it definitely brings joy and happiness to bring these green lushes into your space.




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