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4 Amazing Kitchen Plants For Good Feng Shui (Don’t Miss #3)

In Feng Shui, our kitchen is closely associated with the health and wealth of all occupants in the household, especially the female owner. Besides the fundamental rules to having a good Feng Shui kitchen, you can also include plants and flowers in this space to promote good energy.

Kitchen belongs to the fire element since this is the place when food is cooked, while plant and flower represent the wood element. In the reproductive cycle, wood element ignite fire, so placing plants and flower in the kitchen can uplift the energy with positivity.

It is good to choose plants that are well reputed for attracting wealth and promoting good health. Avoid those plants with spiky leaves or thorns to minimise the unfavourable energy and accident. Here is the handpicked list of the top 4 lucky plants to be placed in your kitchen for good Feng Shui.

1. Citrus Tree

Orange and lemon trees are believed to bring good luck and abundance into your life. Since these plants bear fruit, it also symbolises that your effort will eventually yield good result. Place this potted tree in your kitchen as it is symbolically perfect to energise the space with positivity vibes.

It requires the nourishment of the direct sunlight and also a large space to cater the growth.

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2. Golden Pothos

This resilient and easy to care plant is perfect to be positioned in areas that are less accessible like top of the shelves, cupboard or refrigerator. These dark and less used spaces accumulate stagnant energy, so placing a plant can help to neutralise them.

3. Lucky Bamboo

A lucky bamboo plant is a great addition to create a happy kitchen. It is regarded as a lucky plant that symbolizes upward growth and wealth. If you have noticed, this lucky bamboo plant usually comes with different quantity of stalk branched together neatly in a vase. The number of stalks stands for different meanings. Choose 3,5 or 9 stalks for your kitchen because they symbolise good health and fortune.

You can plant it in a corner without direct sunlight and they still can thrive, so it make an easy plant to care for.

4. Fresh Herbs

It is obvious that healing herbs are closely associated with Kitchen where cooking take place. Creating a little herb garden does not only infuse fresh healing energy into the space, you can also add them as seasoning to the food. You can whip up a healthy dishes using herbs while attracting positive energy too. The popular ones are basil, rosemary, mint, thyme and lavender.

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Where to Place Kitchen Plants Placement For Good Feng Shui?

After knowing the right plants, you should also know where to place them to attract good energy.

You can choose to place those potted plants on the tabletop, island or top of the cabinet. For those plants that can grow to a considerably tall height, you can place on the floor in the southeast corner. However, if your kitchen is too small to accommodate such plants, don’t place it there. This is because it can create an overwhelming feeling that causes energy imbalance.

If your stove or oven is too near to the water basin, some Feng Shui practitioners will advise placing a plant between them as a remedy to the element clash.



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