Feng Shui Tips for Kitchen Door Facing The Fridge

Effect and Remedy of Kitchen Door Facing the Fridge

In the olden days when there is no refrigerator, they will have the cabinets that place the bowls and plates. They will be placing the leftovers food into the bowls inside the cabinets, hidden away in the kitchen. As this is not let others know the current finances situation, base on the food that they are consuming. For that good old days, cabinets are considered as the symbolic wealth storage. Now, with the advance technology, refrigerator becomes the symbolic in the house. That is why, it needs great wisdom to place it in the right location of the house.

What a “Kitchen Door Facing the Fridge” Means in Feng Shui

Sign of Wealth Depleting

When the fridge is directly facing the kitchen door, it is like overturning your pockets to show outsiders your current wealth status. This will lead to. Thus this will cause your wealth to be depleting. Since the fridge is taken control by the female master of the house, this will be of greater impact to her.


How to Remedy the Situation with Kitchen Door Facing The Fridge

A. Shift away the fridge (Most Recommended)

Shift away the fridge so long it is not facing directly to the kitchen door

B. Placing a door curtain and 5 emperors coins

  1. Recommend to install a door curtain to block the view.
  • Not to be transparent or translucent
  • The length of the curtain to exceed one’s knee

2. Place 5 emperors coins at kitchen door

  • To help to attach wealth luck
  • Dispel negative energy


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