Citrine Crystal Functions and Benefits

Functions and Benefits of Citrine Crystal

Citrine crystals usually comes with yellow, yellow brown, orange in color and due to their bright yellow color that signify wealth, they have become one of the most popular crystals in the world.

The citrine is well known as the representation of wealth and abundance, so if you are seeking for money, career and business luck, this is definitely the stone to help in the manifestation for this aspect of life.

Beside this, they are also excellent stones this is used self-healing purposes.

Citrine Crystal Functions and Benefits

1. Citrine crystals activate self healing ability and boost confidence

Citrine crystals give out positive energies that will tuned into your bodies, giving your inspiration, boosting you energy and motivation to overcome the hurdles and obstacles in life, allowing you to start afresh for a new whole life.

It carries the positive force of the sun, so if you want to feel happy and cheerful, you should always bring these citrine crystals wherever you go. It act as a stabiliser for your emotions and keep you cool-headed even in the most difficult times.

Wearing this crystals have the ability to enhance one’s confidence level and enable one to be filled with drive to take action, hence aid in boosting your confidence and bring your life to a greater height.


2. Citrine crystals aids in accumulating wealth and enhance indirect windfall wealth

The bright yellow light emitted from this quartz is being considered as one of the strongest energy. Thus this energy is closely knitted with matters that is related to abundance, wealth and prosperity. It is believed to bring wealth luck and also windfall luck that is suitable for sales line personnel and business owners.

3. Citrine crystals and Health

Citrine crystals help to remove tension and improve one’s digestive system and kidneys function. The lukewarm yellow lights that emits from citrine crystals gives a harmonious energy that enhances one confidence level and promote happiness.

It will remove the negative energies and bring the serenity and peace that you require. This is an effective way to keep your heart and mind at ease, which in term help you to have a clearer picture and keeping negativity away in life.

4. Citrine crystals and Feng Shui Use/Application

Element: Earth

Home Feng Shui Application: Place the citrine crystal in your home wealth area to attract wealth luck and good fortune

Who is suitable: For those people who require more earth element due to missing or lacking elements in their Ba Zi, they are suitable for citrine crystal for daily use.


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