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6 Best Crystals For Protection Against Negativity (How To Use?)

In today’s competitive and fast-paced society, we might be weighed down by fear and toxic emotions more than ever before. But unfortunately, we cannot avoid people with negative vibes in our homes, workplaces, or somewhere. So we need to find ways to protect ourselves from these negative vibes.

There are different methods to practice self-protection and self-care. One of the ways is to take care of your energetic field and protect it by using the best crystals with protective attributes.

These sparkling crystals are aesthetically pleasing and offer spiritual protection to their wearers. They can create energy fields that repel bad vibes and help keep you grounded. In addition, they also radiate positive energy to their surroundings to create a harmonious and safe environment.

We have consolidated a list of the five best crystals to protect against unwanted energies. Please continue reading to explore these crystals and how to use them.

1. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone that protects from negativity. You can use this stone to deflect negativity and balance energy flow in a space or on an individual.

Apart from that, it is an excellent crystal for the solar plexus chakra, which is about our self-expression, making decisions, criticism and self-worth.

So, Black Tourmaline is a must-have for anyone who wants to protect themselves from negative energy and cleanse any toxins out of their body. One way to protect yourself against harmful people, negative thoughts, and self-sabotaging patterns is wearing black tourmaline crystal jewellery.

If you want to clear bad vibes from your home, place black tourmaline by the main door or each corner to create an invisible shield for protection. On the other hand, if you have a toxic working environment filled with negativity, display a piece of black tourmaline stone on your work desk to guard against them.

Best Crystals for Protection black obsidian


2. Black Jade

Black jade is a gemstone commonly used in Asian culture to bring good luck and protection. Jade lovers believe that black jade can absorb negative energy and banish harmful spirits while releasing positive energies or chi. In addition, you can also use the stone to shield and protect the physical body from harm and keep the body safe from illnesses.

Besides being well known for being a crystal of protection, Black jade also helps bring clarity to your intuition and psychic abilities by helping you access your sixth sense. You can wear it as a jewellery accessory, such as a pendant or bracelet.

3. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a versatile stone that you can use to clear your mind and body of negative thoughts and energies. It’s not only a great way to protect oneself from outside influences, but it also serves as a tool for attaining peace and clarity within oneself.

It is a powerful protection stone that works best when kept close to your body. For example, you can wear it around the neck or on your fingers as a ring or bracelet, and it will continue to empower its healing magic on you.

4. Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a natural volcanic stone mineral used for centuries to provide protection. Many believed this stone offers protection by absorbing negative energies and can banish bad luck. It can bring stability to your life and ward off unwanted influences.

In addition, Black obsidian has powerful metaphysical properties such as grounding energy, creativity, harmonizing energies, and protection. You can wear it as jewellery to shield you from hostility and psychic attack. Many people carry this stone with them on rough days to bring them calmness.

You can also see many Feng Shui lucky charms, such as the famous Pi Xiu, laughing buddha, dragon, etc., crafted out of Black obsidian to boost the protective energies.

Best Crystals for Protection tiger eye

5. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger eye stone is a yellow-brown quartz crystal with golden, brown, or reddish-brown stripes. It is one of the most protective stones you can carry and offers protection from psychic attacks. Besides that, it also provides a gentle grounding energy that helps remove negative energies from one’s space.

Tiger’s eye is renowned for making travellers feel safe. You can use the stone to ward off bad luck and protect the wearer from accidents, disasters, and illness. It also brings good luck when travelling overseas and protects against jinxes and curses.

6. Shungite Stone

Shungite is a rare black rock crystal that is extremely powerful for protection. Its black colour comes from the organic material it contains, which makes it an excellent tool for absorbing negativity.

On top of that, Shungite also can energise the entire home or work environment, grounding us and protecting us from unfavourable outside influences and EMF radiation.

How To Use Crystal For Protection?

There are many ways to benefit from these protective crystals, and they may not be all in your hands. For example, you can place them in the path of negative energy or use their natural healing properties.

However, the easiest way to protect yourself against negative energy is to wear protective crystal stones daily. You can place them on your body, in your home, or carry them with you.

When using crystals for protection, you must find one that resonates with you. Use your intuition to guide you in making your decision. Once you have chosen the right one, ensure the stone is clean and clear of any negative energy before charging it with positive vibrations.


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