Crystals for Manifesting Money

5 Powerful Crystals for Manifesting Money Luck and Abundance – Get The Right Fit

We often hear people talking about Feng Shui symbols that can enhance wealth luck. However, another group advocates using crystals for manifesting money and attracting abundance in life. Do you believe in that?

There are a wide variety of crystals out there, so it is essential to choose the right one for wealth. It is because it reminds you of the goals you want to achieve. Here are some recommended crystals that carry the attributes to create financial abundance.

1. Citrine Crystal – The Stone of Wealth

This yellow gemstone is widely known as the “wealth stone” or “merchant stone”. It has an excellent reputation to attract prosperity and abundance over the centuries. Some Feng Shui practitioners also find this Citrine crystal extremely useful and practical during Period 8 (2004 – 2024). Citrine is the right fit if you are looking for a crystal that manifests the intention of achieving financial goals.

You can wear this citrine stone as jewellery like a bracelet, bangle, etc. Alternatively, you can place it in the wealth sectors of home and offices for the best result. It works as a money magnet that brings good luck, business success and an unexpected windfall to the owners.

Crystals for Manifesting Money citrine


2. Purple Amethyst

Purple amethyst is a stone of wisdom that promotes inner peace and restores balance in your life. If you can achieve all these, it will help to attract money into your life with fewer financial hurdles or blockage.

It is good to place a purple amethyst geode cave in the wealth area of the house because it assists to energize the sector to enhance wealth and prosperity.

3. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a crystal that helps to amplify energy and intention, including wealth. If you want to achieve a financial goal, use this stone to strengthen your purpose. It is best used together with other money crystals to magnify the effect.

4. Jade

This gemstone is one of the best crystals that manifest money and opportunities for new ventures. People carry it whenever they go for important events like interviews or business meetings for closing deals. They believe jade brings good luck and increases the chance of success.

In Feng Shui, many people believe that lucky symbols like Pixiu, elephants and many others are more effective if made of jade.


5. Pyrite – Fool’s Gold

Just by looking at the appearance of pyrite, it resembles the precious gold that symbolizes wealth and abundance. It is also a stone that aids in business ventures and academic pursuits. Many people bring this fool’s gold into their homes and office, intending to attract good luck.

Besides bringing good luck, it also has a protective attribute to shield you from negative energy. Hence, it creates and promotes a more harmonious space to live or work.

How To Use These Crystal For Manifesting Money Luck?

– Carry a money gemstone with you to help with the financial decision and amplify the energy to attract wealth luck. You can also add it to your wallet/purse or wear it as a piece of fashion jewellery.

– Based on the Feng Shui Bagua Map, you can place these crystals in the southeast of your house. The sector is for wealth and prosperity. Alternatively, you can also put them in your wealth corner, calculated using your date/time of birth.

– If you are running a business, it is favourable to place these gemstones in the cashier area. Many business owners believe it helps attract customers and wealth into your space.

– Place them on your office desk to enhance your money intention.
These gemstones are closely associated with Metaphysics. However, it should be more related to the space of chakras. Some people believe these stones can boost your energy based on the intention you want to manifest in life, for example, money.

In conclusion, it is essential to know these crystals are not magical stones that bring you money without any effort.



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Crystals5 Powerful Crystals for Manifesting Money Luck and Abundance