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Use of Crystal Balls in Feng Shui Placement and Color Meaning

Feng Shui Crystals are considered as the “stone of healing” and also essential to attract wealth luck and prosperity in your life. Crystals has different colors, shape, and size which produce specific effects. Beside that, it also add a feel of beauty to the modern interior design of your home.

Before you rush to buy and decorate your house with crystals, you might want to refer to the below chart for the specific usage and area for placement.

Placement and Color meaning of Feng Shui Crystals Balls


Clear Quartz
A all rounder stone that boost love luck, wealth luck and good luckIt can be used in any areas of the house

Citrine Yellow
Attract wealth, business, abundance, good fortune and prosperity lucki) Place in the Southeast sector to improve income luck and wealth luck
ii) Place the Citrine Ball in the cashier area of your business to attract more business luck
i) Place it in the wealth area of your home living room

Tiger Eye
For protection of ill intentions, bad office back-stabbingi) Place on your desk to counter evil forces in the office, such as backstabbing, office politicking, problematic management and complaints.
ii) Place it in the north of your house to protect against bad luck in career.

Black Obsidian
a) For protection, avoid calamities and ward off evil spirits
b) Absorbs or repels negative energies
i) Place in the centre of the whole house

Ameylst Purple
a) For enhancing of education and scholastic luck
b) For attracting wealth and success luck
i) Place it in the wealth area of your home living room
ii) Place in the study room on your desk

Rose Quartz Pink
a) It is known to boost strong romance energies
b) To attract love and romance luck
c) To improve fertility luck
i)Place it next to your bedside
ii) Good for general use, especially in South West and West

It is well known to repress the effects of the #3 Hostile Flying Star (Argumentative Star). Find out more about Flying Stars 2018In 2018, it can be placed in Northeast sector of your house.

Green Aventurine
To heal the mental distraction like anger, stress and othersTo place it on your working desk in the office




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CrystalsFeng Shui Crystals Balls in Home Placement and Color Meaning