Is Bonsai Good or Bad Feng Shui? Read This First Before You Decide

Do you regard Bonsai Feng Shui good or bad energy in our home? There are always divided opinions surrounding this topic. Some practitioners take a firm stand that it must never be placed inside a house. They believed that this plant gives out negative vibes, similar to the most unfavourable plant, cactus.

Whilst, there are also another group of people that simply love this plant and promote it as one of the lucky plants for prosperity. Therefore, it is recommended to place this plant in any sectors that requires a stronger wood element to nourish the energy.

Today, we will look at the two of the story and decide for yourself if Bonsai Feng Shui is good or bad for your home.

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Why Bonsai Feng Shui is Regarded as Bad?

Some Feng Shui practitioners advice that placement of bonsai at home is undesirable because it is a stunted plant. It means that the growth is being restricted or controlled that compromise the Feng Shui principles of natural growth. Besides that, it is also portrayed a negative symbolism of slow or restricted growth in your life and career.

Why Some Believe That Bonsai Feng Shui is Good?

You cannot deny that Bonsai is an excellent choice of art piece as a home decor because of its beauty. It obviously belongs to the wood element that makes it a good enhancer for the East and Southeast.

In conclusion, it still largely depends on yourself and overcoming your mental hurdle. If you have a bad feeling about it, or cannot bring yourself to believe that it will not negatively affect the family members, then do not consider having one at home.

Alternatively, you can choose other plants that represent good luck and prosperity. The most important factor that you must love what you place in your home.




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LifestyleIs Bonsai Good or Bad Feng Shui? Read This First Before You Decide