Is Bonsai Good or Bad Feng Shui? (Uncover The Shocking Truth)

Do you think Bonsai is good or bad Feng Shui in your home? You can always find divided opinions surrounding this topic online. Some practitioners firmly believe that you must never be placed this plant inside a house. It is because they claimed that this plant gives out negative vibes, similar to the most unfavourable plant, the cactus.

On the other hand, another group of people love this plant and promote it as one of the lucky plants for prosperity. Therefore, they recommended placing this plant in any sector in the house that requires more wood elements to nourish the energy.

Today, we will look at the two of the story and decide for ourselves if Bonsai Feng Shui is good or bad for your home.

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Why Do People Consider Bonsai as Bad Feng Shui?

Some Feng Shui practitioners advise that the placement of bonsai at home is undesirable because it is a stunted plant. It means that the growth is being restricted or controlled, compromising the Feng Shui principles of natural development.

Besides that, it also portrayed a negative symbolism of slow or restricted growth in your life and career.

Why Some Believe That Bonsai Feng Shui is Good?

You cannot deny that Bonsai is an excellent choice of art piece for home decor because of its beauty. Moreover, it belongs to the wood element, making it a suitable enhancer for the East and Southeast.

In conclusion, it largely depends on yourself and overcoming your mental hurdle. If you have a bad feeling about it, or cannot bring yourself to believe that it will not negatively affect the family members, do not consider having one at home.

Alternatively, you can choose other plants that represent good luck and prosperity. The most crucial factor is that you must love what you place in your home.

Where To Put Bonsai Tree in My House For Good Feng Shui?

If you plan to introduce bonsai plants into your living space, try placing them in the south, east and southeast corners to reap the beneficial energy. This placement encourages positive energy flow, which helps promote health and prosperity in a person’s life.



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