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Feng Shui Flowers With Auspicious Meanings For Good Luck & Happiness

Bringing Feng Shui Flowers lucky symbols into your home can garner a positive impact on your health and wealth luck. It can come in the raw nature form, etched in jade or gold, embroidered in silk clothing and others. They help to amplify the positive energy and protect against the negative one.

Under-mentioned are some of the most popular flower symbols that have auspicious meaning behind it.

Choose Feng Shui Flowers According To Your Intentions and Aspirations

Can’t decide on which flowers to bring into your home? You can always choose them based on the intentions you want to achieve.

Looking for Love and Marriage luck?

Peony flowers, an emblem of female beauty, have always been adopted in Feng Shui application to attract love and romance luck. Singles who want to magnify their romance luck can choose to display a bright red peony to attract the other half into their life. For married couple, pink peony is a great choice to nourish the marriage relationship and overcoming any friction.

Thinking of Self Development and Growth?

Lotus flower, the symbol of graciousness and equanimity, is commonly found in Buddhist figurine like the Guan Yin goddess sitting on one. It represents the journey to enlightenment, from bud to flower emerging from the muddy water. It is the right symbol to add on to your self-development area to remind you to persevere to succeed.

In additional, Lotus flower also encourage a more harmonious home with peace.

Seeking for career advancement?

Narcissus – The Chinese believed that the well-defined energy of this flower can blossom one’s career advancement luck by getting the reward he/she deserved.


Striving for a Happy and Bright Future?

Sunflower – It is a perfect representation of happiness. If you are feeling depressed at a certain part of your life, remember to bring this flower into your home to activate the vibrant energy and attracting good luck too.

Even though flowers play a part in improving your house or office Feng Shui, do not over-clutter your space with flower, it can do harm than benefit. Do it with balance. Besides that, avoid placing cactus or any thorny plants on your desk.




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