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6 Feng Shui Painting Cheatsheet You Might Wanna Know About

There are various ways to incorporate good luck into your home or office. Feng shui paintings are one of the most popular ways to bring good luck into your home. These paintings can promote a sense of well-being and success in your life. In addition, You can also use these paintings to create a harmonious, balanced and aesthetically pleasing space.

The use of Feng Shui paintings is not limited to just decorating your home but also includes leveraging them as a form of therapy. Of course, you can place the artwork in any room, but many people often use the paintings in the living room or entryway.

The Chinese people love hanging nature paintings illustrating beautiful and solid mountains with waterfall scenery in a sunrise backdrop. They believed that such auspicious paintings could attract good luck and growth to the family. But there are some Feng Shui tips that you need to take note of before you hang a painting in your house.

In this article, we will share the best tips for choosing and positioning a Feng Shui painting that will bring you good luck.

1. Feng Shui Paintings For Entrance

A property’s main entrance is the house’s most crucial area. It sets the first impression when leading guests into the property. So it is why you need to plan with care, and incorporating Feng Shui painting can help in this regard to make sure that it is welcoming and inviting.

There are different types of Feng Shui painting to choose from, such as those that attract money and bring good luck. But ultimately, what you choose should be based on your needs and goals and what you want to achieve with your home. For example, a Peacock painting is a good choice because it brings good fortune and well-being.

2. Feng Shui Paintings For Living Room

The living room is the central place in a house and the meeting point between the public and private spheres of family life. A well-designed living room will promote relaxation, sociability, and creativity.

The Feng Shui painting for the living room is ideal if you want to bring in good energy and luck. The most crucial thing to remember when choosing colours for your artwork is that they should be warm and inviting. You don’t want to put dark colours in an area where you want people to feel relaxed and comfortable.

In addition, you should place the paintings where they will not block any doorways or windows and should be at eye level for the people who will be viewing them.

feng shui painting in living room


3. Feng Shui Paintings For Office

You can use Feng shui painting to make a person feel more at ease, motivated and relaxed. As a result, some companies use Feng Shui paintings to make their employees feel more comfortable and relaxed. They believe that it will lead to better work performance. It also makes the office space aesthetically pleasing, an essential factor in the workplace environment.

In addition, you can dispay these lucky paintings to promote good fortune in your career or business by placing them in the strategic placement in the office.

4. What Kind of Feng Shui Painting Should I Choose?

Feng shui paintings are a form of art to bring balance and harmony to the living or working space. They can be in any style, but the most popular ones are traditional Chinese paintings.

Some people believe that the best Feng Shui painting for their home must match their personality. However, another group prefers abstract paintings because they don’t impact the energy chi flow.

In terms of the position of the painting, some believe that Feng Shui paintings should be hung facing outwards so that they can work their magic on anyone who walks through your front door. On the other hand, some believe you should turn the painting facing inwards so they can only work their magic on those who live inside the house.

In choosing a good painting, the content plays a significant role in the message it carries behind it, whether it is a positive or negative one.

5. What Is a Bad Feng Shui Painting?

– Avoid displaying paintings illustrating ferocious animals or beasts like tigers, lions, etc. It gives people a sense of insecurity and emits a feeling of “prying” on the household members.

– If you love nature painting, avoid painting that depicts a scene with falling leaves and a sunset because it carries a negative meaning to have a withering and lonely life.

– Avoid hanging paintings that give you a feeling of negativity, for example, sunken ships, black crows, violence/killings, skeletons, darkness, swords, gun, nudity, etc.

6. What Is a Good Feng Shui Painting?

– In general, paintings of positivity that carry auspicious significance and meaning, such as blossoming flowers, koi fish of abundance, sunrise, etc., are Feng Shui paintings that you can consider using in your home.

– Artwork with water and mountain scenery are the most famous paintings that most Feng shui enthusiasts adore, but try to avoid those with fast-gushing waterfalls.

In conclusion, you must choose the Feng Shui painting you love and feel delighted when you see it every day.



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