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3 Secrets You Didn’t Know About the Meaning of Dragonfly in the House

Sometimes when things come into our house, we will be wondering the symbolism and meaning behind it. The usual insects or animals are moth, butterfly, ladybird etc. So what is the meaning of dragonfly in the house? Is it a good or bad omen?

Dragonfly Meaning and Symbolism in Chinese Culture

The dragonflies are also known as the “flying dragons” and dragon has always been valued as a prized auspicious symbol. Dragonflies are good luck symbol that are also believed to bring good news and blessing to the household members if they fly into the house.

If you have this insect visitor, it shows that the bad things happening in the house will gradually disperse. It will eventually bring good luck and send away the bad luck.

What are the symbolisms and meaning of a dragonfly in the house?

1. Harmonious Family

The dragonfly flying into the house also heralds family harmony. According to folklore, the dragonfly has smart sense. It only flies to the homes of those whose families are in harmony. The dragonfly will not go to the homes where they often quarrel. It also symbolises the harmony and happiness between husband and wife. 

2. Career Advancement and Progression

Have you heard about this saying that when the dragonfly comes to the door, it indicates that your career will soar to a greater height?

If you have this phenomenon, it is an auspicious sign for your career profession.

3. Good Health and Speedy Recovery

When a dragonfly flies into the house, it has another hidden meaning that those who are sick in the household will soon be recovered. For those who do not suffer any illness will become healthier.

Now you know dragonfly is an auspicious symbol of harmony and good fortune and also a protector of illness and bad luck. It is a omen of good luck coming so avoid chasing them away out of your house.




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Traditions & Culture3 Secrets You Didn’t Know About the Meaning of Dragonfly in the House