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7 Perfect Chinese Housewarming Gifts Ideas For Good Luck

Chinese culture is a delicate balance of honouring the past and the present on a special occasion. The housewarming party is such an event, as it marks the family’sfamily’s celebration of their new home.

When someone moves to a new house and invites you to their new home, giving them a housewarming gift is essential. The tradition of housewarming gifts dates back to ancient times. In old times, these gifts were to bless the new family and their home with good luck. But, in this modern society, it is more to etiquette.

There are many different types of Chinese housewarming gifts you can get for your friend or loved one. You can give many things as a housewarming gift, so why not gift something more meaningful and auspicious? However, it would be best to consider the person’sperson’s taste and lifestyle before deciding on the gift.

From plants to wealth symbols, we’ve put together some Chinese housewarming gift ideas to bring good luck in whichever form you choose.

Lucky Bamboo

The lucky bamboo plant (Dracaena sanderiana) is one of the world’s most popular and lucky plants. This plant is a symbol of good fortune, prosperity, and vitality. It is also said to bring luck to the home or office.

Besides the auspicious meaning, scientifically, the bamboo plant also has the potential to purify the air by releasing negative ions in the air, which act as a stress buster.

Be sure to choose a healthy bamboo plant with no brown or yellowing leaves, as this can signify stagnant energy and bad luck. In Chinese tradition, people believe that the number of stalks of bamboo plants brings different luck to the receiver. For example, the number 8 symbolises wealth and prosperity, which is at the top of the mind for everyone.

chinese housewarming gifts lucky bamboo



Pineapple is a perfect gift for any occasion to bless the other party with good luck. The pineapple symbolises friendship and hospitality and is also one of the most popular gifts among the Chinese. So when you receive a pineapple as a gift, it is a good luck sign that good fortune will come your way.

There are many ways to give someone a pineapple as a gift, such as presenting it on its own or adding some goodies like chocolate, nuts or dried fruit. However, you can also choose the crystal pineapple that not only adds endless beauty to the house and symbolises bringing good fortune.

Chinese Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is a symbol that people believe brings good fortune and prosperity. The statue, usually made of jade, brass, bronze, or ceramic and stands around three feet tall, has a large belly and a broad smile. He often carries a bag of treasures on his back.

It is hard not to smile a little when you see a laughing buddha statue because it has such uplifting energy. You can place the laughing buddha statue in your home or office as a reminder to bring happiness into your life. Therefore, this lucky charm is a perfect gift for those who love Feng Shui or Chinese culture.

Vase with Flowers

The Chinese often give vases, or “Hua Ping”, as a housewarming present. It sounds like “peace” that is to bring harmony and tranquillity to the home. Therefore, if you give a vase, remember to gift it with some lucky flowers instead of leaving it empty. It shows that you care for the person and want them to have peace in their new home.

Do not gift white flowers, particularly white chrysanthemums, because people mostly use them in funerals.

chinese housewarming gifts vase


Tea and Teaware

Tea is a popular drink worldwide, but it’s often associated with the East. Since tea was first discovered in China several thousand years ago, people have been drinking it to improve their health and wellness. The Chinese discovered that tea leaves contain antioxidants that help purify the body and promote longevity when boiled and consumed as a beverage.

So if tea is good for the body, giving someone a gift of tea is giving them a gift of wellness.

Wealth Symbols

You can never go wrong with giving a symbol of wealth as a housewarming gift. It is the one that always makes any receiver happy. It is because gifts of wealth symbolize the blessings and well-wishes of friends and visitors.

Any receiver would be delighted to receive the blessing of wealth from the guests. The most popular wealth symbols include wealth ships, money bowls, gem crystal trees and others.

Red Packets (Hong Bao)

For centuries, red packets have been the traditional way to distribute money for special occasions. You can typically see them at Chinese New Year celebrations, weddings, and birthdays. However, in modern times, red packets have become a staple gift suitable for any joyous event.

However, some people might feel you are lazy and thoughtless to shop and find the gift. Always remember to put money of even numbers into the red envelopes and avoid unlucky number combinations. For example, the number “4” sound like “death”, and “174” sound like “to die together”. Instead, choose auspicious numbers with 8, symbolising wealth and prosperity.

Chinese Housewarming Gifts To Avoid Giving

Now you know the Chinese housewarming gifts to prepare for the event, you should also learn about the things to avoid. Generally, it is best to avoid giving things that have bad connotations in Chinese tradition.

For example, avoid gifting the following:

  • Clocks: Chinese consider a clock gift unlucky because the Chinese word (送钟) sounds like mourning.
  • Scissors: A bad omen that symbolizes cutting the relationship
  • Shoes: The Chinese word (鞋) sounds like “邪”, meaning evil.


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