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5 Tips To Get Lucky with Feng Shui Dragon (Best Placement and Symbolism)

The mythical Feng Shui dragon is a widely recognized auspicious symbol of prosperity, triumph, and favourable fortune. Therefore, many people use its iconic imagery in various forms of traditional Chinese art, including sculptures, textiles, vases, and paintings.

From describing the landscape of mountainous regions to wearing a small dragon talisman, the dragon symbol holds great significance in Feng Shui practices. For instance, people believe that the ancestors constructed the Great Wall of China in the likeness of a mighty dragon, exemplifying this mythical creature’s powerful symbolism and importance in Chinese culture.

In addition, Dragon is one of 4 celestial animals in Feng Shui and is ranked as the most potent symbol of Yang energy. People often used it as an auspicious symbol in Feng Shui to symbolize authoritative power, nobility, success, divine protection, wealth and plentiful opportunities.

What Does a Dragon Symbolize in Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, many people see dragons as powerful symbols of strength, courage, royalty, good luck and prosperity. They represent the ultimate good fortune and bring with them a sense of protection and security.

Some practitioners will advise displaying Feng shui dragons in homes and offices to bring good fortune and success. In addition, they also symbolize wisdom and intelligence. By incorporating dragon symbols into your space, you can create a more positive environment that will attract success and abundance into your life.

What Are The Different Types of Feng Shui Dragon?

There are different versions and colours of Feng Shui dragons, each with unique symbolism and characteristics. Here are some of the most commonly seen designs :

1. Jade Dragon – People use this powerful symbol to bring good fortune into their lives, attract positive energy and ward off bad luck.

2. Golden Dragon – You can invite wealth and financial abundance by placing a golden Feng Shui dragon at home or in the workplace. The golden dragon symbolises prosperity and flourishing money energies.

3. Red Dragon – The red-coloured dragon might be a perfect choice if you want to introduce more fire elements into a space.


Feng Shui Dragon Correct Placement For Good Fortune

1. The optimal location to display a Feng Shui Dragon symbol is in an office, a workspace, or your home’s living room.

2. Avoid placing them in the bedrooms because the male/Yang energy is too vital, which might affect your sleep quality. Instead, it would be best if you paired it up with the phoenix when looking for romantic luck and wanting to place the Dragon in the bedroom. This union represents the ultimate Feng Shui symbol of marital bliss.

3. Respect the Dragon, not put them in low-energy areas like toilets, bathrooms or closets.

5. Do not place the head of the Dragon facing the wall/obstacles. Instead, it should face an open space or view to symbolize an unblocked future with plenty of opportunities.

6. You can tap on the maximum power of a Feng Shui dragon, especially the wood-carved ones, by positioning it in the East sector. However, do not use the metal dragon in the East.

7. You can also position it based on your Feng Shui lucky directions using your kua number so that the Feng Shui dragon faces one of your favourable directions.

8. Locate and place it in the sector where the annual Feng Shui flying wealth star #8 has flown to in the current year.

What Are The Things To Avoid With The Feng Shui Dragon?

The Dragon is a powerful symbol in Feng shui practice, and people use it to attract positive energy. First, however, you should follow some important guidelines when using this lucky charm. Understanding what these things are and how to avoid them can ensure that your home or office space remains balanced and harmonious.

1. Carpets and floor rugs with dragon designs are attractive home decor items, but it is disrespectful if you step on them.

2. Avoid placing the Feng Shui dragon in the bathroom because it can drain your positive energy and reduce your chances of achieving success.

3. If you plan to hang a painting with a dragon design, ensure the size is proportional to your house size. Please do not use a large picture for a small space because it creates an overpowering feel and might cause discomfort to the occupants

Who Is Suitable to Have a Feng Shui Dragon?

Feng shui dragons have been used for centuries to bring luck and prosperity to their owners. But who is suitable to have a Feng shui dragon?

The answer depends on your personal beliefs and goals. For example, having one could benefit you if you want to attract wealth and good luck. On the other hand, if you seek protection from negative energy or bad luck, this lucky symbol also helps.

Ultimately, deciding whether having a Feng shui dragon would benefit your life is up to you. However, if you refer to the Chinese Zodiac compatibility chart, the dragon might not be suitable for people with the dog zodiac sign.



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